20 Minutes Till Dawn – Diamond is a Masochist / Endless Mode Guide

Want to survive for long in the endless mode, and you already have in mind to play Diamond because of her broken unique character upgrades? Then here’s a guide for ya!

How to Survive in the Endless Mode

1) Character

Play as Diamond (we’ll be focusing on a build where you get hit and heal it back up).

2) Weapon

Use your weapon of choice (I recommend shotgun for it has one of the fastest hit and reload times, which we’ll need for our Smite skill. Aside from that, the shotgun doesn’t shoot too far, so it won’t kill enemies too far away, which is just what we want, because that way we won’t have to get too many pick up range upgrades or move around too much)

3) Smite Skill Tree

Prioritize getting the whole SMITE skill tree []Holy Arts[/u], Holy Might, Justice, Angel ] (this will give us tons of damage and heals later on).

4) Burn Skill Tree

If smite is not available, prioritize getting Soothing Warmth from the BURN skill tree []Pyro Mage[/u], Intense Burn, Soothing Warmth ] (I didn’t include Fire Starter upgrade in the skill tree because we don’t need that)

5) Frost Skill Tree

If burn is not available, take Frost Mage or Frostbite (need to take Frost Mage once before being able to get a Frostbite), we’ll need Frostbite as much as possible for damage later on.

6) Frost Fire Synergy

If you have at least one Intense Burn and Frostbite, the synergy Frost Fire should start showing up, get that when you can, because that will help for Soothing Warmth procs (heal)

7) Mini Clip Synergy

If smite, burn, or frost are not available, take the path for the MINI CLIP synergy, because you’ll need at least one of those to unlock the full potential of the smite skill.

8) Other Upgrades

None of the above shows up? Generally, take Health -> Fire Rate -> Movement Speed -> Pick Up Range. NEVER take any knockback. Knockbacks will push enemy just a little bit outside the smite’s range.

9) Tomes of Rage & Elements

For the TOMES, take Rage, if it’s not in the choices then take Elements, if not then don’t take any, they’ll just reduce your Max HP or your Reload Speed which we don’t want.

10) The Masochist

Lastly, if you have killed enough bosses to get Diamond’s unique character upgrades (either Berserk or Bulk Up), stop shooting if you’re at full HP and just let your HP go down, then heal it back up with your Smite’s Angelic or Burn’s Soothing Warmth.


  • This guide was made when I had around 8 authentic hours of experience on the game, I’ve only gotten 2 achievements and only unlocked very few characters and weapons, meaning I don’t have experience with any of them, or the other skill builds.
  • I’ve already reached my goal of lasting long enough to survive in endless to the point that it just gets so laggy to play enjoyably. That means I won’t be playing it as much or at all, so no updates on this guide will be made if requested, unless I do play again.
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