20 Minutes Till Dawn – Game Too Hard? (How to Beat the Game)

This is a super easy two minute guide on how to beat the game with extreme ease whether you need it for farming or fun.

Game Too Hard? Want an Easy, Almost Mindless Game for Fun or Farming Those Points?

How to Quickly and Easily Beat the Game

Go Bat-gun + Abby.

Simple as that, this gets overpowered fast.

Never left click with this, just walk around, right click as soon as you reload and focus on dodging everyone and everything, what you want to work on is getting double shot and all of those upgrades as well as making sure to grab bouncing bullets and piercing, some extra summon / bullet damage goes a long way too.

If you feel they’re getting a bit too close for your comfort throw on some ice upgrades too if you can afford it.

You may have some trouble with the first boss if you haven’t managed to get double shot, piercing , bouncing bullets or even some extra damage, but you can expect a super chill experience at least by the time you’ve killed the second boss providing you didn’t get super unlucky with the unlocks.

Near the end you’ll also want the unlock that gives you a 33% chance to not consume ammo whilst stationary but that’s not a requirement for this at all.

What You Can Expect

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