20 Minutes Till Dawn – How to Win as Scarlett

Having difficulty of getting max darkness with a certain weapon? Can’t reach max darkness to begin with? Scarlett will make all your worries go away! This guide presents a build that, when properly implemented, kills all enemies regardless of scaling with an extremely high survivability rate.

Guide to Win as Scarlett

Note: Credit goes to mrco.gllrdo


It’s possible to get really bad RNG with character and regular upgrades, hence the “potential” part.

The basic idea is to take advantage of one of Scarlett’s character upgrades, specifically “Pyromaniac”:

Scarlett gain +10% Fire Rate every time she inflicts Burn. This buff resets on reload.

The key part to note is “resets on reload”. So if we can proc burn without reloading then our fire rate will keep increasing. This means we need to:

  • Find something that synergizes with fire rate.
  • Find a way to inflict burn without shooting.

Fire Rate Synergy

Currently there is only one upgrade that builds off of fire rate, the Ghost Friend -> Best Friends upgrade:

  • Fire rate 10%.
  • Ghost Friend’s attack speed is increased by your Fire Rate.

Procing Burn Without Shooting

There are several options to go with here. Strictly speaking you can stick with the ghost friend upgrade tree as there’s another upgrade called Ghost Friend -> In Sync:

  • Ghost Friend’s projectiles inflict Burn for 6 damage second.
  • It also triggers your on-hit effects.

While it does become necessary eventually as you’ll be destroying everything fast enough before enemies can approach you, personally I prefer starting off with Glare -> Sight Magic (vision procs on-hit effects, something we can pair with burn) since I like feeling as if I’m Medusa. Regardless, after you get this combo you’re pretty much done. The little ghost dude will be spitting bullets like crazy, though there’s a way to make it even more OP…

On-Hit Effects

With the in sync upgrade we can chain it with the Frost Mage -> Frostbite upgrade (regular enemies lose 15% max hp upon being frozen, bosses 1%) to deal %hp dmg vs flat dmg, ensuring scaling doesn’t matter (the Frenzy -> Hellspawns -> Culling upgrade also works, tho it doesn’t work on bosses). Since our summon is a machine gun, all enemies get shredded.

We can also throw in Pyro Mage -> Intense Burn -> Soothing Warmth (0.05% chance to heal for 1 hp when inflicting burn) for survivability purposes, though we’re going to need more health to really make it shine.


Thankfully this becomes pretty simple to achieve with the Soul Heart upgrades, specifically Soul Reap -> Soul Conversion that converts a soul heart to max hp after a minute. You can pair this with the Magic Spear upgrades; I recommend grabbing all of them since they synergize well with our build, though the main one we’re interested in is Magic Spear -> Soul Drain as it effectively more than doubles how often soul hearts drop. I haven’t had issues achieving max hp shown on screen even without the magic spear upgrade so it’s probably overkill to grab it.



While I don’t recommend this build for beginners, if you’re decent at dodging and can reliably reach the 5 minute mark then this build can be pretty fun to use. Just be careful to not accidentally crash the game! Pairing this build with the Frenzy -> Tunderspawns upgrade means every shot has a 30% chance to call down lightning…every shot from our summon machine gun. If you want to use this build for endless then I strongly recommend avoiding this upgrade.

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