60 Seconds! Reatomized – How to Survive: Events Explained

There aren’t any guides for this game yet (in English anyway), and in going through the challenges, I’ve seen quite a few events and their repercussions.

Always Fine

The radio event about the surface around day 9 (if on Little Boy) or 14-16 will say the surface is fine.

When the family wonders about “Aunt Aida” or “Uncle Brian”, the Kubz Scouts book raises morale..

The Monty Python reference involving your map (two men, one with coconuts, looking for an “ancient cup”) will give ammo, checkers, the flashlight, or the gun.

Mutant protection for -1 food or H2O is obvi fine.

The one man band always gives a radio if you give him things.

The stragglers who want supplies always give you a map and also up sanity because you’re nice.

The gas mask event with a supply drop always turns out +2 H2O & food, but sometimes breaks the mask.

The “Freedom!” warriors give the gun, axe, or +2 H2O.


Sometimes the trash overflows. If you don’t use the bug spray or the Kubz Scout book, they invade (use the book if you can; the spray gets used up). The same is true for randomly having a large roach.

The family may feel overwhelmed and want to deal with the roaches–use the spray for a clean kill. If you do nothing, someone will get sick.

If you have roaches, Timmy may dissect them. If you don’t discipline him, he and Dolores will rest.

If you have the harmonica, you may get an event to “be like Snow White”; this will summon roaches. This would generally be bad, except that there’s a following event if you retain the harmonica that allows you to Pied Piper them into giving you food.

A zoo stampede can result in +3 food, but can also kill the person who goes up and destroy your rifle.

The ventilation has a hornet’s nest or something in it; the bug spray is the best way to take care of it.

If “rodents” show up, use the axe. The gun tends to break.

The spiders have two good options: the medkit makes them go away at no expense, but the bug spray is used up in exchange for +1 H2O.

Booby Traps

The army tank event can result in death. Not injury, death. But if you really want that +1 food & H2O, go right ahead.

The neighbor’s safe can provide a suitcase, but will also make people sick.


Mary Jane has a semi-storyline in which she takes a walk. The first walk does nothing, but the second walk exhausts her in exchange for +1 food/+1 H2O.

Birthdays don’t seem to do anything to the gifts; that is, you still have them and the children didn’t break them.

Timmy will break something if you let him do charades.

If MJ steps on Ted, don’t medkit him. He’ll sometimes find +1 food.

Side with Dolores on the ant farm. Timmy’s ants will escape and eat -1 food.

Shelterschooling results in one of the children becoming tired in exchange for the map, medkit, or gun.

The children playing will tear down the map in exchange for their sanity/energy.

If Timmy’s reading comes up, the book is fine.

If Timmy can’t sleep, have him sleep in the suitcase. The checkers can’t be used if two pieces are in his ears.

Don’t side with Ted about Godzilla. He breaks an item such as the suitcase.

Don’t let MJ contact her bandit boyfriend. She’ll go crazy.

Letting Timmy stargaze just seems to reference Astro-Citizen, but it won’t result in his kidnapping under bandit conditions.

Don’t Bother

There are “doctors” who ask for water. They don’t give you anything back.

There’s a reference to the Fallout series in the form of a blue jumpsuit-clad water chip quester. Giving him water doesn’t net you anything.

The man referencing 60 Parsecs! (“Astro-Citizen”) doesn’t actually give you anything in exchange for food or water.

The trader who wants ammo will not accept checkers.

No one stole the soup. It just riles people up.

Reading Mary Jane’s diary causes random injury.

Food / Water

Feed and water everyone every five days.

Pancake will only stay for one failed food event. He leaves after two.

Cleanliness / Medical

The axe can be used to clean an injury at the expense of, well, the axe.

The medkit gets used up in the event of group insomnia.

If people need showers, use the gas mask. The spray/ammo will do the trick in a pinch, but also get used up.

Dolores vs Ted on bucket-emptying: Dolores breaks the radio and goes insane, but Ted injures himself.

The pipe can be fixed with the book; otherwise people become sick.

The ammo sometimes gets lost in an event requiring the flashlight to not lose it.


When strange noises are afoot, the cards can keep you sane.

The secret door is best handled at gunpoint.

Go into the manhole only with flashlight blazing.


Raiding the elderly nets you +4 food or H2O.

Raiding a school grants you an item such as a medkit.

Raiding your neighbor’s shelter provides an axe.

Defending yourself from a raid with an axe when you don’t have a (working) gun sometimes grants you a gun.

Pancake is used as a defense when you have nothing else (esp. important to remember on certain challenges).

The harmonica can be used twice before it breaks, and the rifle consumes the ammo before being consumed directly.

Scavenging / Supply Drop

The cards can randomly be played with for +2 H2O.

The radio can randomly be listened to for +3 H2O.

The ammo can randomly be thrown to someone for a gas mask, or amplify a fire to stop an ambush which… also drops a gas mask. For some reason.

The harmonica can randomly stop an ambush for either cards or the Kubz Scouts book, or charm other survivors for a present like the checkers.

The checkers can randomly be fed into a vending machine for +3 food.

The padlock can open a car for a rifle, or lock a safe for +2 H2O.

Preparing to scavenge puts off events. If you’re relatively well stocked-up and don’t want bad things to happen, prepare to scavenge anyway.

Using the padlock with one person left does a run but skips the days until they’re back.

The supply drop always turns out +2 H2O & food, but can break the gas mask.


Wheelbarrow Man:

  • Flashlight, spray, or cards = 1 H2O.
  • Book = 2 H2O.

Low Prices Man:

  • Ammo = suitcase.
  • Map = gun.


  • Cards = 1 food.
  • Checkers = 1 H2O.
  • Gas Mask = 2 food.
  • Gun = 4 H2O.

Girl Scouts:

  • Ammo = flashlight.
  • Padlock = gas mask.

Camel Woman:

  • Checkers or ammo = 1 H2O
  • Medkit = 2 H2O.
  • Radio = 4 H2O.

Ammo Trader:
Don’t give him checkers; he’s not an idiot. Ammo will net a radio.

Yes / No

Buying a rock results in a free sample that’s sometimes followed up with a thirst negation event (not free H2O, but people becoming unthirsty).

Opening a suitcase can net +1 food or cards, but also make people sick.

Investigating the smelly brick reveals either a dead rat with a can of soup or a live rat who breaks your radio.

If someone just generically knocks on your door, there’s a chance of +2H2O or food, but you’ll also possibly get sick.

Talking to Dolores is fine.

Eating the mushrooms either feeds people or makes them sick.

The safe behind the map contains checkers or a gas mask, but if you have both of these things, it’ll trigger -1 food.

The Robin Hood-like event is (theoretically) based off of your item amount, not your food/H2O stockpile, but it’ll churn out either a radio, medkit, or +3 H2O(6 items [map/radio/cards/medkit/padlock/mask] doesn’t trigger the theft, AFAIK).

Tinkering with a silent radio either does nothing or breaks it, but not tinkering with it decreases sanity.

“Soviets over the radio” turn out to be Canadians.

The picnic date doesn’t seem to do anything.

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  1. When the doctors ask for water, they have a chance to heal a sick member, making them not entirely useless

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