60 Seconds! Reatomized – Tips and Tricks Guide

Hey, I’m Anom. This is my guide for 60 Seconds Reatomized. In this guide I just give some tips and tricks for how to survive in the game and more.

Tips for Surviving and More

For surviving, you should give your family food and water every 5 days. This will make sure they don’t die of dehydration or hunger.

You can easily survive by bringing yourself and a 2nd family member and killing them off as soon as you can. You’ll only have 1 mouth to food but you will have plenty of supplies to survive by yourself without scavenging. If you go in the bunker alone on day 1, Ted or Dolores will go crazy on day 2. 

If you get an event where there is a “growling creature” and you can use either the gun, bug spray, or flashlight, use the flashlight. It’s Pancake the dog which can help you survive.

Once you start the Pancake mission by using the flashlight, he might come back and ask for soup. Give him a soup can or you won’t get Pancake.
He might come back and be “agitated”. You’ll have the choice to use either the map, gun, or axe. Use the map, if you use the gun or axe pancake will run away. You will also get some supplies from this.

After this, Pancake will come back once more and will be hurt. You have to use your medkit on him and once you do, he is in your bunker. When Pancake says he wants to go out, you should allow him to. He can bring back food, water, and sometimes even other supplies! If you don’t feed pancake, the first time nothing will happen, but on the second time he will eat the harmonica, and on the third time he will leave the bunker.

There is another pet you can get in your bunker which is a cat named Sharikov. He is not as useful as Pancake, but he can help you get 3 endings that will be explained below.

To get Sharikov, there is a random event where it says there is a cat surrounded by blood and bones. If you press yes on this scenario, you will bring Sharikov into your bunker.

Be warned, Sharikov can make Ted sick. You can use the medkit to heal him but he won’t become sick from Sharikov after you use the medkit on him once.

One of the endings that Sharikov allows you to get is the secret agent ending. When you get the scenario saying that Sharikov is sneaking out of the bunker or has a name on his collar, press yes to leaving and searching for these people because you will meet the secret agents.

Another ending is acquired with Sharikov, but instead of meeting the agents, ignore them and do not encounter them by following Sharikov. If you still have Sharikov you’ll get the option to talk to a mad scientist or the “Doc”. He is the key to the soup can in space ending, but if you wanna get that ending you’ll need a lot of water.

If you open the shelter door for anyone in the early days (day 1 – day 15), someone in your shelter will most likely get sick.

You can send someone to scavenge when the radiation is still strong, just make sure to send them out with a gas mask or they will get sick.

If you have a scenario with huge spiders, mutant cockroaches, or green goo, you can potentially get mutant Mary Jane which is very helpful. Mutant Mary Jane is not guaranteed and she is quite rare to get. If you do nothing about the mutant spiders, Mary Jane might get bit by one of them and could potentially become a mutant. Same applies to the mutant cockroaches run around and not doing anything about green goo coming from the vents. It is more likely to get mutant Mary Jane if she is already sick when these events happen.

Mutant Mary Jane has a 100% chance to come back from scavenges. Be warned though, sending her out too much might make her want to run away.

Mutant Mary Jane doesn’t need water to survive. You will only have to feed her every 5 days. She is also very easy to lose.

If you get the option to “tinker” with the radio in any way and you press yes, it has a tendency to break.

If you have the option to let someone in “in the name of freedom”, there is 2 outcomes. Most of the time you will get 2 waters from them unless you are playing on Tsar Bomba, but other times they can shoot you and hurt one of your family members.

If you have any option to use the boy scout book, you should use it because it fixes most problems in the shelter. You CAN lose the boy scout book though.

If mutants come to your shelter and say they will make sure you come back from your next scavenge if you give them food or water, the family member you send out after you give them the supplies they want has a 100% chance of coming back from the scavenge.

If Mary Jane asks to plant something or start a garden and you say yes, you will lose 1 water but the plant will start to grow. It takes about 20+ days for it to fully grow, but when it does it can either be a mutant plant that you will have to kill with the axe or gun resulting in the axe or the gun breaking, or it will be a normal plant. Either way you will get soup from this.

If you get the option to talk to someone in your bunker for some reason, you should say yes. It will prevent them from becoming insane and it doesn’t really matter at all to your run anyways.

If you have a choice in whether to choose Ted or Mary Jane in a debate, if you pick Ted you will most likely get a soup can from Mary Jane.

If you get the option to steal, kill, or raid someone, the siblings will not rescue you. You will know they aren’t coming when a bloody hand print appears in your bunker.

If you want to get the siblings ending you will need to sacrifice some items. Same with all the other endings.

You have to have at least one adult in the bunker or it is an instant game over.

You can use the harmonica twice to shoo away the bandits, once for the axe and gun, and once more for the padlock.

Bandits usually come around day 70 and up.

If anyone is sick inside the bunker, and you get the option to “clean” yourself by using the gas mask, ammo, or bug spray, use the gas mask. It doesn’t ever break from using it in this scenario. It will also make any person who was previously sick immediately cured from their sickness.

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  1. Never use water on the seed, Mary Jane will be sad, but the plant can hurt a family member or force you to break the gun if the axe is already broken.

  2. Use the Bug Spray to clean yourself is possible, it will get used up, but it will get rid of EVERY sick family member.

  3. If on harder difficulties never play charades or let the children play, this will result with a broken item. However, if playing on Little Boy, you may get +1 food.

  4. The “Open in the Name of Freedom” event is always a good event, never hurting someone or your playthrough, they can give a gun, or water.

  5. Skip the scenario involving Ted and Mary Jane, on harder difficulties Ted will break something or Mary Jane will get hurt.

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