7 Days to Die – Infinite Iron / Steel

First, I cannot believe this guide has not already been made. Second, I thought maybe I shouldn’t because TFP’s are awesome at making the fun parts of the game more difficult when we find a way around it. Oh well, use it while you can.

I have used this loophole to get infinite iron/steel on many servers, including PvP. It is much easier to stay hidden in your base and make all the iron/steel you need than risk going outside and making all that noise mining.

Infinite Iron / Steel

  1. You must have read all the Robotic Turret magazines. It is by far always the first collection of magazines I finish due to its high drop rate. I usually have the set completed by the time I am using a forge or even considering crafting steel.
  2. Craft Robotic Turret ammo boxes, I use the boxes of AP turret ammo as it uses the most but returns the most in the same time in the forge.
  3. Open the boxes of Robotic Turret ammo and place them in the forge. (They must have been opened to work, the forge will not cook an unopened ammo box)
  4. Cook out the scrap iron and craft it into additional boxes of Robotic Turret ammo and repeat.

That is it. You will gain extra iron with each box you craft, open, and smelt. Just skim off the top and you can use the extra iron/steel for making weapons, or upgrading your fortress into steel. I will usually have 4 forges just running this iron/turret ammo operation along with a couple workbenches(to offload the turret box crafting time) and it performs well. I have used up to 6 or 12 forges and had so much steel I didn’t know what to do with it all.

Numbers: The Robotic Turret ammo(AP) box costs 4800 iron at the discount after learning all the turret magazines. You will get a total of 6000 iron after it has cooked into the forge, you can place a stack of 1000 in each input slot of the forge, so gaining 1200 (2400 if each input slot has a full stack) iron per box. 1200 (2400) doesn’t sound like much but if you have 4, 6, or 9 forges cranking it out from the safety of your base then the payout is huge.

Hint for finding the Robotic Turret magazines. I usually find them in the electric utility trucks and any POI that has the truck parked in/near it. Any utility building like a power station, it usually has a few power looking poles, power boxes on the walls, etc… and obviously book stores if they haven’t been scavenged yet.

Always check all the mailboxes and newspaper stands in the city area. If in PvP, I will run basically naked into the city and try to find the books, once you read the book it doesn’t matter if you die, knowledge is power.

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