Abiotic Factor – Office Sector (Walkthrough Guide)

The Cafeteria Door

When you start the game, you’ll find yourself in a cafeteria area. There’s a dude chilling on a bench right in front of you. Go chat with him to kick off your first mission.

First up, you gotta crack open the cafeteria door. Head to the storage room and take down the second vent you come across. Grab all the scraps lying around here and nearby. Hit Ctrl to crouch and slip through the vent. Keep moving forward until you reach another vent with a light above it. Crawl through it and make your way to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, locate a pair of buttons – one red, one green. Press ’em both to swing open a gate. Now, talk to the guy hanging out by the door. Next, open your crafting menu and whip up a crafting bench. Bust open the computers in the little office to find the materials.

Once your bench is set up, scout around for a plug to power it up. Once you’ve got power flowing, open the bench again and craft an energy brick. Pop it into the spot next to the door, and you’re golden.

Power Cells

Alright, after you’ve planted that energy brick, get ready for a scuffle because you’re gonna face off against a new breed of alien. Once you’ve dealt with that threat, head straight up the stairs and chat with the officer on the right.

Next up, it’s time to evacuate the sector via Manufacturing. On the left of the security guard, there’s a set of stairs. Climb those and take a right. Follow the hallway all the way down until you spot a little tunnel icon on your screen. Follow it until you come across a dude on the ground surrounded by blood. Once you’ve spoken to him, the next mission will pop up.

Your next task? Find someone who’s clued in about power cells. Follow the signs and make your way to the Data farm to smash up a few more computers. Once you’ve got the goods, head back to your workbench and craft up another energy brick.

Quick side note: while you’re at the data farm, sneak behind the blue blocked-off office, hop over the railing onto a metal catwalk, then follow it down. You’ll score a security backpack with 21 capacity.

Once your energy brick is ready to roll, follow the signs to reception, then to the security office. Slap that energy brick down and crack open another garage door. Step inside and spot the elevator on your right. Ride it up, follow the path, and leap through the portal.

Once you’re through the portal, expect a couple of foes to greet you. Then, you’ll be directed to jump through a second portal. After hopping through, you’ll find yourself standing on a pipe above electrified water. Turn around and take the plunge off the back end of the pipe.

Follow the signs for lift access. Eventually, you’ll wind up in front of the garage door to silo 3. Beside it, there’s a door that’s on the fritz, opening and closing like crazy. Step inside and chat with the blonde lady for the next leg of the mission.

Open Silo 3

Alright, time to crack open silo 3 and snag those power cells. But first, you gotta craft a hacker tool. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 Security Bot CPU’s
  • 10 Circuit Boards
  • 6 Pieces of Tech Scrap
  • 3 Fans
  • 2 Keyboards
  • 2 Desk Phones
  • 2 Boxes of Screws
  • 1 Glow Stick
  • 2 Pieces of Glass

Now, to get those security bot CPUs, you’ll need to take down three giant robots. You can either wait until nighttime when they wake up or disrupt their charging stations. It’s a bit tricky, but my advice? Craft a crossbow with a boatload of arrows. Then, loop around a set of stairs so you can take good shots at ’em without getting clobbered.

Once you’ve got all your hacker tool materials, head back to the entrance of silo 3. Use your freshly crafted hacker tool on the card swipe machine next to it. The door will pop open, but you’ll have to deal with another alien before you can proceed. After that scuffle, open up yet another garage door. Push straight through and use the hacker tool a third time. Boom, another portal for you to jump through.

This time, it’ll take you to Flathill. Look around for a solid guide on navigating this area—it’s gonna come in handy.

Use Power Cell to Access Manufactioring Sector

Follow the signs until you find yourself back at the manufacturing garage door. Pop that power cell into the truck, and you’re good to go. Swing open the garage door and step into the manufacturing sector.

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