Abiotic Factor – Where to Find Anteverse Gel

Finding Anteverse Gel appears to be the most challenging aspect of the game so far for many players. You can locate this material with the use of this guide.


To get that Anteverse gel, first, you gotta hit up the Far Garden portal world. But here’s the catch: you can’t just stroll in. You need this special item that only drops from a certain enemy. So, you gotta hunt down that enemy type.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Those turrets are guarding the area where you can find this enemy. So, you gotta shut those suckers down to even get close. Head to the control center to deactivate ’em. Once they’re out of the picture, you’re good to go huntin’ for that item.

How to Reach Control Center

To reach the control center, first, keep your eyes peeled for a spot with “Helmholtz control” tagged on the wall. If you’re lost, head to the Containment Blocks. You’ll spot an open cell with loads of yellow paint nearby.

Once you’re in the zone, you’ll stumble upon the Helmholtz control, but watch out for those pesky turrets blocking your path. Stepping into their line of fire is a surefire way to end up in respawn city.

Now, the key is to find a way across without getting turned into Swiss cheese. One smooth move is to build yourself a bridge. Simple, right?

Keep on exploring until you come across that portal. And trust me, you’ll wanna pack a flashlight or two for this journey.

How to Disable Turrets

Once you’ve conquered that portal and made it to the XRay gate, you’ll need four Leyak essences to slip through. No idea how to snag those? Easy. Build yourself an XRay turret or lamp and shine it on those red, tentacled Leyak monsters. They’re hard to miss, making weird noises and all.

Once you’ve got those essences, step past the gate. Watch your back though, ’cause there are turrets itching to blast you. But don’t sweat it. The layout’s set up so you can dodge ’em if you’re slick. Keep an eye out for the “Control lift” doors.

From there, it’s a straight shot ’til you hit a hackable panel. Tweak those turret settings so their lights turn blue, and you’re golden. No more “Live fire zone” stress. Easy peasy.

How to Get Tarasque Ichor

Now that you’ve sorted out those pesky turrets, head on back to the “Helmholtz Control” spot. Remember that “Live fire zone” sign? Ignore it now. Cruise on over to “Containment Block ANNING”.

Once you’re there, start scoping out for the Tarasque, a big ol’ blue monster. Take it down and snatch its ichor. Good luck with that showdown.

How to Enter Mushroom Hell

Now that you’ve got the ichor, it’s time to dive into Mushroom hell. Hop on the elevator, ride it up to the top floor, and keep your eyes peeled for a mushroom-filled area. Can’t miss it.

Pour that ichor into the device in the pit. That’ll fire up the portal.

Step through and get ready to grab some Anteverse Gel from those stones. And there you have it!

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  1. With the gravity dampener, you can leap across the gap with ease and don’t need to construct

  2. I should point out that the button to unlock the inner wing door is located on the hallway’s second floor (it took me a long time to discover that button).

  3. This is my biggest gripe with the game: occasionally, you just need amazing luck to finish everything. If you miss an ingredient or an exit, you’re Fkd and have to replay every level you’ve completed 20 times.

    Thank you. I believe the building bridge has been repaired. I’ll try, but if it’s true, the turret has aimbot and wallhack, so it’s not doable.

    • bridging the gap is the intended method. The phrase “Bridge the gap” refers to the log entry you receive about crossing when you speak with a particular NPC.

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