Absolver – How to Deal with Super-armor Spam

This guide will explain how to create a moveset, and play around people who spam super-armor.

Part 1: Help, I’ve keep encountering the same player using nothing but Armored Moves!

First of all, there are two really easy ways to work around this without a special moveset.

To start, use windfall or just dash away from the user before they can hit you, Armored moves are typically very slow and hit for large amounts of damage. Move back in after their move misses, and start comboing them.

Part 2: The simple moveset

Find specific attacks that hit twice in a row. It’s that simple. the second hit will knock them out of the armored move instantly, It’s preferred that you put it at the start of your attack chain, and make sure your attack chains will loop around to each other.

Once you do this, either use Windfall or Forsaken to punish your opponent for using pure Armor moves. Only reason I’ve posted this guide is because I had this issue once before, and this was my solution. You could also use Faejin, but that’s up to you, and break attacks work too.

End of this [very short] guide

By now you’ve probably beat the ♥ out of whoever could’ve been trying to use armor as a tactic, most players won’t have to deal with armor spam as it’s not really a viable strategy, it’s too punishable and easy to play around, But if this helped you, or at least gave you some common knowledge.

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