Adventure Climb VR – 100% Achievements Guide

Has some hidden items / easter eggs and a speed run achievement, should be able to 100% in under an hour with skill.

Achievements Guide

Ignore the first 4 achievements for now, revisit them if they didn’t unlock in normal play.

Rough Hands – Grab 50 rocks

Bruised Hand – Grab 100 rocks

Pro Climber – Grab 300 rocks

Send It – Grab 500 rocks

Rock On – Get passed the rocks

When you start the climb stay to the left, pass the falling rocks for the achievement.

Lost Toy – Anubis statue found

Just after passing the falling rocks, climb up to find the Anubis statue and interact with it.

Arachnophobia – Get rid of the Spider

Just after the Anubis statue start to head down and stay to the right, on the 3rd rock from the bottom you can look round this crack in the wall to find the spider, touch it to unlock the achievement.

Hang In There – Hang on the rope for an extended time

Continue the normal route until you reach this rope, hold on to it for a little while.

Out on a Limb – Climb to the tree branch

Don’t cross the rope to the other side yet, instead climb over to the tree and out on this branch.

Lost Dog – Hidden area found

Now continue across the rope and climb until you get to this rock, from here reach around the back to find more rocks and climb up to that tree branch, you will find the dog statue just over the wall.

Top Out – Climb to the high peak

Once you have looked at the lost dog turn around, you will see an alternate route from the one you entered from, follow it round until you reach the arrow and climb to this rock, from here you can reach up to grab a hidden rock (put your head inside the wall to see better) then climb up 2 more rocks.

Zip Zap – Use the zip line

Finish the route, climb down from the high peak and follow the arrows up to the zip line.

Ascendant Mission – Escape the simulation

For this achievement you first have to complete a run then restart the game, after restarting the game start a new run and head back to the rope, from the rope climb onto the tree and climb across the barely visible rocks leading into the waterfall.

Speedrun Achievements

Super Sonic is undoubtedly the hardest achievement in the game.

Made It – Completed under 180 Seconds

Advanced – Completed under 120 Seconds

Opens – Completed under 60 Seconds

Super Sonic – Completed under 40 Seconds

Its hard but doesn’t require you to be pixel perfect, hopefully this video I made can help, as you can see I missed a few grabs and got a massive lag spike right at the end but still had a second to spare.

100% – Complete all achievements

After finishing all of the above, restart the game to unlock this last achievement.

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