Against the Storm – Order Tips

Tips for Orders

Turn In Now:

  • 1) Will get a buffs to production of something i am producing.
  • 2) Early game, gives more people…More people = more hostility but it also means you can get more resources and work more buildings which means you can produce things that make people happy quicker and have extra resources to sell and have the flexibility of buying anything you need from the trader.
  • 3) About to lose the game if i don’t reduce impatience.
  • 4) Will win the game if i hand in outstanding orders.
  • 5) It will get me a new blueprint and i have spare people looking for work to do.
  • 6) Will give me some other reward i really want.

Turn In Later:

  • 1) I also tend to delay handing in orders i am going to hand in until after a storm unless it is vital i hand it in immediately as the additional hostility from impatience can be the difference between a higher or lower hostility level or give me a little more flexibility in dealing with high hostility during the storm.

I actually had a very close call that taught me this in one of my early games where I handed in a order during the storm and that put all 3 of my races into unhappiness but luckily impatience just ticked over another point before all 3 were about to leave. It really confused me at the time what happened until I figured out how it worked.

  • 2) If i don’t need to turn it in or am not going to get anything meaningful from it such as resources i need or it is not going going to cross a blueprint threshold there is no benefit from turning it in early and again higher impatience lowers hostility.
  • 3) If hostility is below one i won’t turn in an order unless it is really special.
  • 4) I actually want the resources i can hand in.
  • 5) It will give me a new blueprint but i don’t have enough people to fill the jobs i have already.
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