Against the Storm – Tips on How to Beat Viceroy Difficulty

Tips on Viceroy Difficulty

Viceroy should be a walk in the park as it is. The 1:1.2 trading system is OP until you get to the prestige that lowers it to 0.5:1.2

You can purely play a game without any production buildings with just the trading post on Viceroy.

  • Embark with amber if you can and as many resources as possible in quantity.
  • Build trading post first, then just gathering stations
  • Pick up any trade related cornerstones
  • Force the trader to hurry up
  • Trade all the remaining gears/ambers/materials to trader for Infused Tools, Simple Tools, gathering perks.
  • Attack the trader once you are done.
  • Repeat until you win while exploring at your leisure.

You can keep your population low as you don’t need to actually process any materials and easily sustain yourself through just the loot. Attacking the trader twice is not recommended and only hurry them through the 4 impatience penalty as you want impatience to remain high for low hostility while you gradually gain those reputation back through the glades.

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