Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Campaign Play Order Recommendation

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition has huge lines of Campaigns. So I made some groups of series which are connected with historical events in similar background.

I hope you can see new connections which were unseen when you played before.

Order Recommendation

A) Rise of the Hun
A1) Alaric – Lead Visigoth to settle down, sack Rome
A2) Attila – New Hun power, screw Visigoth
A3) Bukhara(B) – White Hun, defeated by Persia

B) Crusade over Spain
B1) Tariq – Islam go over Spain, Fall of Goth.
B2) Tour(B) – Islam stops
B3) El Cid – Lasting Conflict in Spain and conspiracy

C) European Turmoil
C1) York (B) – Viking raids
C2) Honfoglalas (B) – Magyar raids
C3) Vinlandsaga (B) – Some Viking navigates
C4) Hastings (B) – Some Vikings became Norman
C5) Bari – Chaotic Italia with Norman merc.
C6) Sforza – Italia is still Chaotic

D) Crusade over Arabia
D1) Manzikert – After this, Byzantine calls for Crusade
D2) Saladin – 2nd Crusade
D3) Cyprus (B) – Lionheart stops by Cyprus
D4) Barbarossa – German unification and 3rd Crusade

E) Khan
E1) Genghis Khan – Such Khan, much power
E2) Kotyan Khan – Cuman benchmark Mongol
E3) Ivaylo – Militia resist to Mongol
E4) Poyang (B) – Counterattack of China
E5) Gajah Mada – Counterattack of Malay and expansion
E6) Tamerlane – Empire emerges in central Asia

F) West Europe after Crusade
F1) Wallace – Scots are not happy with England
F2) Agincourt (B) – England rocks
F3) Joan of Arc – Teenage girl is better

G) Trouble of Ottoman
G1) Baphus (B) – Osman rises, looks good
G2) Dracula – but Balkan go mad
G3) Francisco de Almeida – but Trade go mad
G4) Lepanto (B) – Power lose

H) Far east
H1) Kurikara (B)- Japanese Civil war
H2) Kyoto (B) – Civil war ends, conquer Korea!
H3) Noryang (B) – Failed.

G) America – Independent development of Nation
G1) Dos Pilas (B) – Maya civ in 650
G2) Pachacuchi – Inca civ in 1430
G3) Montezuma – Aztec civ in 1520

H) Asia – Independent development of Nation
H1) Suryavarman – Khmer in 1000
H2) Prithviraj – India in 1180
H3) Le loi – Vietnam in 1385
H4) Bayinnaung – Burma in 1516

I) Africa – Independent development of Nation
I1) Yodit – Ethiopia in 960
I2) Sundjata – Mali in 1235

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