Age of Empires IV – Chinese Build Order Guide

Best chinese opening you can find.

Chinese Opening Guide

  • TC ScoutImperial Official 6 Villagerbuild Mill then Sheep Mill
  • Imperial Official SuperviseMill
  • New Villager build House then Sheep
  • New Villager build Mining Camp then Gold
  • Rally PointVillagerGold until 3
  • Rally PointVillager@ straggler until 50 Wood
  • @ 50 Gold on Mill drop tax @ Town Center
  • Imperial Official SuperviseMill
  • New Villager build Barbican of the Sun (only 1 needed)
  • Rally PointVillager Sheep
  • VillagerWood build House then Wood
  • Villager Wood build Lumber Camp @ 50 Wood
  • Drop tax @ Town Center then 3 Villager fromSheep build Imperial Academy
  • Rally PointVillagerWooduntil 10
  • 2 newImperial Official while building Imperial Academy
  • 2 nd new Imperial Official Supervise Lumber Camp
  • 3 Villager from Imperial Academy build Mining Camp then Stone
  • 3rd Imperial Official Supervise Mining Camp then 4Villager Sheep to Wood
  • 150 Gold Wheelbarrow then 3 Villager to Stone
  • Rally PointVillager Stoneuntil 10 until 300 Stone
  • 300 Stone 250 Wood Villager from Stone build 2nd Town Center
  • Move Villager from Wood to Food (keep 3 on Wood)
  • Rally PointVillager Gold until 6 then Rally PointVillager Food
  • When 2nd Town Center done Villager to Food
  • 1200 Food 600 Gold 5/10 Villager fromFood buildAstronomical Clocktower
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