Age of Empires IV – Delhi Sultanate Build Order Guide

It is the fastest Delhi Sultanate opening you can find.

Delhi Sultanate Opening Guide

  • Scout 1VillagerMill 5VillagerWoodRally PointBerry Bush
  • Mill Wheelbarrow €Survival Techniques € VillagerBerry Bush
  • Lumber Camp House Mosque > Berry Bush Mining Camp >Gold
  • Efficient Production PietyForestry / Rally PointGold
  • Rally Point Wood
  • 83 VillagerBerry BushDome of the Faith > Berry Bush 1 VillagerBerry BushHouse > Wood
  • Rally PointFood
  • Age II 2 Scholar Sanctity All-Seeing Eye Horticulture Survival Techniques Professional Scouts Specialized Pick Double Broadaxe
  • Vs aggressive civ Textiles
  • 1 Villager House 1 Villager Blacksmith 1 Villager Blacksmith
  • Stable 6/8 Horseman 4 pressure (Scholar ★ 4 faster prod.)
  • Iron Undermesh Steeled Arrow Bloomery Fitted Leatherwork
  • VillagerArchery Range x 2 when enough wood
  • Sanctity 30 sec left 3x Scholar to sites
  • Defend sites, change army based on what you like/what enemys is building
Created by ToxiL

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