Age of Empires IV – French Build Order Guide

This is how our French fastest rush build is. I hope it helped!

French Opening Guide

  • 5 Villager on Sheep 1 Villager build 1 House then Sheep
  • Build 1 Scout
  • 2 new Villager on Food
  • 3 new Villager on Goldbuild Mining Camp
  • 3 new Villager on Woodbuild Lumber Camp
  • Build School of Cavalry with 3 Villager from Food
  • 1 New Villager build Mill on Berry Bush then go Wood
  • 1 New Villager build House then go Wood
  • Search Wheelbarrow
  • New Villager go Sheep until 13 on Food
  • Age II 3 Villager from landmark go Gold
  • Train Royal Knight and keep up
  • Wood Villager build Archery Range
  • Train Archer
  • All new Villager go Wood until 13
  • Build Blacksmith
  • Search Steeled Arrow
Created by ToxiL

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