Age of Empires IV – Holy Roman Empire Build Order Guide

It is the fastest roman boost you can find.

Holy Roman Empire Opening Guide

  • (2Villager -> Mining Camp, 1 Villager -> House) -> Gold
  • Town CenterRally Point -> Sheepuntil 7
  • Town Center Rally Point -> Wooduntil 3
  • 3 Sheep Villager -> Aachen Chapel ->Gold
  • Town Center Rally Point ->Sheep
  • [If Aachen Chapel does not Holy Inspiration Gold, build Prelate with first 100 Goldto Holy Inspirationit]
  • Aachen Chapel priority: Berry Bush/Deer,Wood,Gold,Stone
  • First 50Wood -> Mill
  • Next 50Wood -> House
  • Next 50Wood -> Wheel barrow
  • Aachen Chapel -> Prelate -> Aachen Chapel
  • [If vs aggression, or forced forwardAachen Chapel, until 5 Villageron Wood, 1 Villageron Stoneand upgrade a Outpost]
  • Sheep Villager -> Regnitz Cathedral, 2 Prelate -> Relic Garrisoned
  • [If pushed, go for Burgrave Palace]
  • Prioritize Foodto go to Age IV
  • React to opponent, otherwise make 2 Stable -> 4-12 Knightif withRegnitz Cathedral
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