Age of Empires IV – Rus Build Order Guide

It is the fastest Rus opening you can find.

Rus Opening Guide

  • 4 Villager to Sheep
  • 2 Villager build Hunting Cabin House Lumber Camp then Wood
  • 1 Scout and Rally Point Villager to Sheepuntil Age II
  • 1 or 2 Scout from Hunting Cabin
  • When 50 Wood -> Wheelbarrow
  • When 50 Wood -> House
  • 6 Villager from Sheepto Age IIThe Golden Gate
  • Leave 4 Villager on Sheep, all others to Wood and Town Center Rally Point to Wood
  • Build Wooden Fortress on Wood
  • 6 Villager from The Golden Gate + 2 from Sheep or Wood to Boar
  • Scout pulls Boar to nearby Trees, Villager attack in melee
  • Villager in Boar build Hunting Cabin Wooden Fortress
  • Build Stable and Double Broadaxe
  • Knight (Early) amd build 4 Archery Range and 1 Blacksmith
  • Constantly produce Archer and Knight (Early), use The Golden Gate to buy Gold for Knight (Early) or upgrades
  • Steeled Arrow or Siege Engineering
Created by ToxiL

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