Age of Empires Mobile – Benefits of Joining an Alliance

What Can I Get by Joining an Alliance?

Being part of a reliable and powerful alliance is extremely important when you pursue a path to greater power, as it provides amazing benefits and help. It’s a great way to help you rise above the rest!

Alliance War:

Whenever an alliance member attacks or is attacked, all other members will get detailed intel on the enemy and battle progress. You can also quickly reinforce an ally that is under attack, which is especially helpful to allies that are attacked when offline.

Alliance Assistance:

You can request allies’ assistance to speed up construction, building upgrade, wounded units healing, and tech research to save you from spending too many speed-up items. When assisting allies, you will receive personal contributions and alliance contributions.

Alliance Gift:

All alliance members will get a gift whenever any member occupies a resource point for the first time, defeats barbarians, increases military power, advances to a new age, or purchases gift packs.

Alliance Treasury:

Loyalty shall be rewarded! Each week, random items will be selected from the alliance treasury as the weekly rewards. The treasury contains endless surprises and a chance to obtain high-value items. The alliance treasury resets every Monday morning, along with reward drawing attempts and rewards.

Alliance Events:

All alliance members can participate in special events with fellow members to get valuable rewards.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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