Age of Empires Mobile – How to Use the Auto Battle Mode?

Auto Battle Mode Tips

You can follow these steps to use the Auto Battle mode for a single troop:

Tap the magnifying glass icon > Tap Auto Battle.

Auto Battle Requirements:

  • The troop must be led by a hero, otherwise, you may receive this error notice: No heroes in the troop. Unable to deploy.
  • The troop must be in the citadel now and not deployed elsewhere, otherwise, you may receive this error notice: The troop is deployed. Unable to start auto battle.
  • Minimum Units in Troop: The troop must have more units than the preset minimum, otherwise, you may receive this error notice: The troop’s units are fewer than the preset minimum.
  • Hospital Capacity: Hospital capacity must be lower than the preset percentage, otherwise, you may receive this error notice: The preset wounded units percentage is higher than the hospital capacity.

Select the number of times to attack. The auto battle will end automatically after completing the preset number of attacks. Then you need to set again to start. Start the auto battle.

You can follow these steps to start auto battle for multiple troops:


  • Same as the single troop.

Movement Speed:

  • Each troop moves at its own speed. No need to force troops to move at the same speed.


  • Generally the same as single troop auto battle, except for a new option that allows you to set the next auto battle session after all troops return to the citadel. All troops must leave the citadel at the same time for auto battle.

Same Movement Speed:

  • After enabling same movement speed, the selected troops will all move at the speed of the slowest troop selected.


  • The spearhead takes the most damage. If the spearhead has been selected to attack with multiple troops, all troops must arrive before the multiple-troop attack begins.

We hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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