Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Tier List: All 97 Doctrines (Tyrannosaurus Update)

In this guide, I will cover how to use my tier list, and my plans for talking about each set of doctrines in more detail.


My tier list was put together using my preferences and playstyles that I have developed over the past 9 months of playing planetfall. I have a lot more experience with some doctrines than others, and I did ask others a few questions about the doctrines that I am less familiar with. If you have any strong opinions about where they doctrines should go, please keep that in mind, and know that this is a general guide to help new players understand why I choose to use some doctrines over others. With that being said, I want to encourage the discussion of my tier list, so please feel free to let me know what you would change in the comments down below. Likewise, if you do agree with my assessment, then I would find it helpful to hear those thoughts as well.

Tier List

General Explanation

Doctrines in the S tier are what I consider the best in the game. Doctrines in A tier are slightly less useful than the ones in S tier. Doctrines in B tier are slightly worse than those in C tier. Doctrines in D tier are my least favorite, and what I would recommend you avoid, expect in a few very specific situations. For example, Synthesis Data mining is only useful to Synthesis commanders, so I would avoid it unless I was playing as a Synthesis commander. Doctrine that are further left within each tier are better than the doctrines that are to the right of them.

Legend Explanation

Doctrines with a number on the top left corner can be research in the tech tree. the number represent how far down the tech tree a doctrine is. Noble Diplomats has a 1, because it can be research from the beginning of the game. Divine Legion has a 7 next to it, because it is a “tier 7′ technology (it is 7 slots from left, requiring that other doctrines are researched before it is.

Doctrines with NPC written on the top left corner are doctrines than are unlocked by befriending a NPC faction, like the Growth or the Psi-fish.

Doctrines with a E on the top left corner are doctrines which hare unlocked by completing empire quests.

Doctrines with a L on the top left corner are doctrines which hare unlocked by clearing a landmark.

Doctrines with the blue arrow and a circle on the top right corner are doctrines than can get significantly better with the use of other doctrines or strategies that synergise with this doctrine. With that synergy, those doctrines can be consider as good as the doctrines in the tier above them.

Doctrines with the two swords on the bottom right corner do extra damage to specific unit types.

How to Use this Information

You only get access to 7 doctrine slots in Planetfall, so you only want to pick doctrines that you think you are going to use for a while or the rest of the game, making your decision on which doctrines you use one of the most important decisions in a game. If a doctrine you want to use is further down on the list make sure you are passing up on an better option. It maybe that a doctrine that I ranked lowly will benefit you a lot more than one I ranked highly, so use your best judgment. (for example, Synthesis Datamining is either B or A tier if you are playing a synthesis; indentured contracts may save you a lot more money than Noble Diplomats).

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