AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – NirvanA Initiative – Fix for Controller Drift and Right Analogue Stick Camera Movement Speed

This guide is to teach people how to fix two issues and a possible bonus third for AI2 using a method and knowledge gained both from the first game and various other games over the years in the hopes of helping everyone out a little dood.

Why It’s Like This and How to Get It Done Dood!

So to start I will give you a reason as to why I think this is happening so you don’t just think “Why am I changing this exactly?” so originally this method was for the first AI somnium files game, the game also had an issue with crashing that was fixed by changing the game to be capped to a max of 60FPS on top of that many games are made with either 30FPS or 60FPS specifically in my experience, a good example of a game that needed this fix as mentioned by the devs themselves is the game Bullet girls Phantasia as a source for you all ^-^ so this method I will impart to you in my first ever guide so I apologise if it’s sloppy, the ability to stop the controller drift, the speed of the right stick camera movement being too fast and hopefully as a bonus if it’s like the first game one of the methods that fixes the apparent crashing dood.

Now onto what you all want to know how to do, so the game itself has no FPS option and I wager it is uncapped hence the issue, what I need you to do is…

  1. Either go to the search bar and type in Nvidia control panel or right mouse click the screen with no windows up and the option for Nvidia control panel should be there dood (I apologise that Nvidia is the only one I have experience with)
  2. Once in there make sure you are on manage 3D settings of which you should then click on program settings, hopefully the picture I will attach will show the page specifically if I can actually attach it dood (again a newbie at this, my apologies)
  3. Add the AI2 somnium files by clicking add and choosing it from the list, as long as you’ve played it, the game should show up but if you want an easier time just start the game and close it down and it should be on the top of the list dood.
  4. Once done scroll down the page below until you see “Max frame rate” what you want to do there is set it to 60FPS dood.
  5. Now just save changes and done! run the game, now with no drift, the camera speed at acceptable levels and hopefully a crash fix oh and as something I just remembered it will work your rig way less harder like this too dood (The difference between 100C and 79C on my laptop)

I hope this helped and thank you for reading, this method most certainly worked for me so I hope it does the same for you all dood.

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