Aim Lab – Practice Routine Guide

Hi, I’m gonna show you how and how much you need to practice your aim to get it good. First select your skill e.g. Advanced then start practicing!

Beginner Routine

  • Flicking linetrace (15min)
  • Flicking spidershot (10min)
  • Precision microshot (10min)
  • Tracking motiontrack (10min)

10 Min Break

  • Speed spidershot (10min)
  • Precision spidershot (10min)

Intermediate Routine

  • Flicking microflex (15min)
  • Flicking reflexshot (10min)
  • Tracking strafebot (10min)

10 Min Break

  • Speed microshot (10min)
  • Precision reflexshot (10min)

Advanced Routine

  • Flicking gridshot (15min)
  • Flicking timingshot (10min)
  • Tracking spheretrack (10min)

10 Min Break

  • Speed motionshot (10min)
  • Precision motionshot (10min)

Master Routine

  • Flicking spidershot 180 (15min)
  • Flicking sixshot (10min)
  • Tracking freetrack (10min)

10 Min Break

  • Speed strafeshot (10min)
  • Precision circleshot (10min)
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