Aliens: Dark Descent – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

Am I supposed to avoid the aliens?

Yes, the game heavily discourages you from going guns blazing because all resources you find on the map are finite. Once you pick them up, they’re gone. (Extra ammo that you pick up during the mission that your marines do not have the capacity to carry upon initial deployment will be lost upon extraction. Ex. If your marines can carry only 4 magazines and you extract with 5, that 5th magazine goes into the void.) The exception to this rule is that any medical kits, tools, or sentry guns that you carry will be placed into storage upon your return to the Otago.

Can I craft ammo?

No, you cannot. As you progress through the game, you will be given the option to give your marines additional passive upgrades, such as pouches to carry an extra tool or medical kit or bandoliers that allow them to deploy with an extra magazine (Each marine by default carries one magazine loaded into their weapon and one spare) Additionally, there is an attribute (Resourceful) that you can potentially get when leveling up your marines that will grant a single magazine to your squad each time they rest in a safe room (this attribute stacks, so if 2 marines have this attribute, you will receive 2 magazines per rest period). Only take what you need if at all possible.

How am I supposed to play this game?

The tunnels can be tricky, especially if you have not unlocked special classes on your marines (such as the recon, which gives you the option to silently eliminate enemies via a precision shot + the suppressor upgrade the class can get). However it is doable.

Tip 1: Strategically place motion detectors around the map. Abuse this, because it can make a massive difference; not just because it gives you awareness of where enemies are, but because you can use them to draw enemies away from you by over charging them via the overview map (even while you’re being hunted). They cost nothing other than a command point, and those passively regenerate over time.

Tip 2: Sentry guns do NOT trigger hunts when they kill an enemy (nor do landmines), you can use this to your advantage by luring an enemy down a long hallway or tunnel that has the turret pre-setup.

Tip 3: Use your secondary weapons; they do not require ammunition to use, they only require command points. Eventually you will unlock the flame thrower, this is an incredibly useful tool. The AI for the is fairly intelligent and will completely divert their pathing to avoid going through the fire whenever possible. So if you have two door ways (and no tools left) you can spray napalm in front of that door and force the enemies to either run through the fire (taking damage as they do so) or funnel them through a kill box of your choosing. Flamethrowers also do NOT trigger a hunt when used to hard boil face hugger eggs (Just be sure to position yourself in such a way that you can hose them down before they passively detect your marine)

Tip 4: Do not be afraid to “sprint” to get away from enemies. Pay attention to both your map and the radar, if they do not have LoS on you, and there isn’t a xeno lurking in a vent, you likely will be able to sprint away to get behind cover, run down an ajacent hallway to avoid detection.

Tip 5: Do not be afraid to extract and head back to the Otago if you’ve angered the hive too much to reset their aggression. Resting in a safe room does NOT lower hive aggression, extract, regroup, come back with a fresh set of marines and with a fresh set of consumables when necessary.

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