All-In-One Sports VR – HP Reverb Controller Thumbstick Settings

How to configure the HP Reverb controller Thumbsticks for All-in-One Sports VR.

How to Configure HP Reverb Controller Thumbstick

Straight into It

No mucking around, let’s get straight into it.

Fire up your Reverb and controllers and then open steamVR. To put it bluntly, if you don’t know how to do that then this guide will be a bit difficult to complete.

Right click on the steamVR window and choose settings. You should see a window similar to this…

Then click on controllers.

Then click on Manage Controller Bindings.

Under manage controller bindings for: click on the list arrow and find All-in-one Sports VR, then make sure the active Controller binding is set to custom as in the picture below.

Then click on “edit this binding” and once the window appears set the “joystick” as shown in the picture below for the left stick, and then repeat the process for the right controller on the right side of the window remembering to select the Right trackpad, right Axis etc.

It is important that you have enabled the controllers and made them visible to the headset or the most important “touch” part under “Use As Joystick” will not appear for some strange reason.

Save the bindings and give it a name (you don’t have to as steam will choose a name for you) and you’re done.

You should now be able to use the thumbsticks correctly with the Reverb controllers.

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