American Truck Simulator – Dedicated Server Multible Instances

Setup multible instances of ATS Dedicated Server.

Copy Files and Rename It

Working directory: Documents – ATS

Copy & Paste following:

  • server_config.sii
  • server_packages.dat
  • server_packages.sii

And rename it as you liking. 

In my case:

  • server_config_en.sii
  • server_packages_en.dat
  • server_packages_en.sii

Edit File

Open up:

  • server_packages_en.sii

And edit line 14:

  • roads_data_file_name: “/home/server_packages.dat”
  • to
  • roads_data_file_name: “/home/server_packages_en.dat”

Save file.

Open up:

  • server_config_en.sii

And make your changes.

Startup & Parameters

Go to your ATS Dedicated Server where the “amtrucks_server.exe” is located. Create a .bat file and enter following:

amtrucks_server.exe -nosingle -server "server_packages_en.sii" -server_cfg "server_config_en.sii"

Start the .bat file.


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