Amnesia: Rebirth – Chamber of Pillars Puzzle

This portion of the guide explains how to solve the Chamber of Pillars puzzle in the Portal Chamber.

Chamber of Pillars Puzzle

Your goal here is to figure out how to get the portal working.

  • Hint: To do this, focus on the symbols.

Step-by-Step Solutions

Head to the panel in the middle of the room. Similar to the Orb Puzzle, you have to align the symbols on the panel with the ones on the pillars using the bottom, right, and center knob to turn it.

You can also turn the pillars with wheels in front of you, but you can only move the middle one and the one on the right. So, focus the board around the symbol on the left and adjust accordingly until they match the panel.

A loop will form with the lines on the pillars when it fits as well. Once you’ve got it, hit the button.

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