Amnesia: Rebirth – Elevator Puzzle

This portion of the guide explains how to get the elevator working in The Tower.

Elevator Puzzle

Your goal here is to find a way to get the elevator up and running.

  • Hint: In order to do this, you’re going to have to find where the elevator is powered.

Step-by-Step Solutions

The elevator will get stuck, but there’s a hatch above you to crawl through. Open it, and you’ll find a vent on your left that you can crawl through.

Once you’re in, go right and continue crawling through. When you drop, the door on your right will be locked, so take the door on the left.

Keep moving through the next hall to the door ahead and go through it. Then, take a left and head up the stairs.

On the opposite side of this room, there’s a doorway you can go through. Continue up the stairs ahead of you. At the top, you’ll find elevators to your right.

Unfortunately, they’re busted. So, backtrack to the other room you passed before the stairs and head down. It’ll be on your left at the bottom of these stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, take a right and head straight to another room with more matches. Backtrack to the hallway on your left and follow it to another room.

Go through this room and you’ll find a door on your right. Open it, head down, and climb down the ladder.

Time to unplug some chords. First, take out the one on the left. On the bottom right you’ll see some bars you can pull out.

Take them out and slip the cord through there so you can plug it into the other outlet. The sound will trigger one of those floating monsters again, though, so hide first before making your way back to the elevator.

When the elevator stops at the top, make your way to the door.

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