Amok Runner – Puzzle Tips

Amok Runner is an action-adventure game that has 7 unique puzzles.

Container Puzzle

You’ll have to get the containers out of the way in order to follow Linda and get to the Nicholsons’ house.

  • Containers can not be rotated. You can only move them forward, backward, right and left.
  • If necessary, don’t forget to move the containers as far as they can go!

Spoiler alert (this video contains the solution of the puzzle):

Toolbox Puzzle (Randomly Generated)

Find the gardener’s note for his father, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

  • On the note, the letter-number relationship is explained.
  • The letters hidden between the numbers are still visible in their own form.
  • Enter the password to unlock the toolbox which holds the iron scissors.

Hint: One of the letters is very similar to a number.

Family Tree Puzzle

In this section, where you will find the family tree of the Nicholson family, you should pay attention to placing the photos based on family members’ age and gender.

  • The photo belonging to Linda’s husband can not be moved.
  • Think about kinship and age relations of the family members and start from the unmoveable photo of Linda’s husband!

Hint: A strong beam of light is illuminating the family tree. If it’s too bright to see, turn off the light.

Do you recognize Linda?

Solar System Puzzle

You will find this puzzle in the outbuildings of the mansion. You must align the planets around the sun.

The selected planet not only moves itself, but also moves the other planets connected to it.

From inside to outside:

  • Mercury: also moves Mars and Jupiter.
  • Earth: moves Mercury and Neptune too.
  • Mars: also moves Jupiter.
  • Jupiter: moves Earth and Neptune too.
  • Neptune: also moves Mercury.
  • Sun: when the situation gets too complicated, this resets the puzzle to its original state.

Spoiler alert (this video contains the solution of the puzzle):

Morse Device Puzzle (Randomly Generated)

  • The location of the morse guide is written on the note in the kids room.
  • There is a gap between the sounds coming out of the device. These gaps allow you to distinguish the numbers.
  • Count the long & short codes and find the password. Maybe you need a pen and paper at this stage.

Electrical Box Puzzle

You’re close to finding Linda. Fill all the bars inside the fuse to repair the electrical box that was ruined by the rain.

Spoiler alert (this video contains the solution of the puzzle):

Sterilization Cabinet Puzzle (Randomly Generated)

Morphine is locked inside the sterilization cabinet.

  • Find the numbers (written with blood) hidden in the rooms.
  • You can determine the order by observing the lines under the numbers.
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