Among Us – Imposter Guide: Catching Imposters for Dummies

This guide will teach you the tactics of MOST ‘Imps’ (Imposters) and how to avoid them and snitch em out.


This guide is based on the common tactics I and several other IMPs/’Imposters’ use to avoid getting caught.

This guide will cover the following…

  • Among Us terminology.
  • Ways of finding who you can trust (so you won’t call out poor bastards who just joined).
  • All the common methods and ways IMPs use to avoid being caught.
  • How to defend yourself against IMPs.

This guide can be used universally by either IMPs or crewmates.


Basic Terminology used in-game/in-guide

  • Imp – Imposter
  • Sus – Suspicion/Suspect
  • Vent – Imposter entering a vent/hole
  • Anim Tasks – Tasks that are ANIMatable that IMPs cannot attempt.
  • Fake Tasking – Pretending to do tasks to buy time/blend in.
  • Charge/Chasing – Players who follow you suspicious or otherwise.
  • Self report – A suspect (possibly IMP) reporting a corpse THEY made.
  • Vote – Voting out a player/asking the losing Player to vote to bypass timer.
  • DB – Dead Body
  • Astroids/Guns – Gunner Mount Task used to clear ASTROIDS.
  • Scan – Scan task in the SCANMOTRON used to scan players.
  • Med – Medical Wing
  • O2 – Oxygen
  • Nav – Navigational
  • Cams/Sec – Security
  • Eletric – Eletrical

Who to Trust / Finding a Good Teammate

Most crew members can do tasks while IMPs cannot. Imps can only fake task and manually join in on preventing O2, Reactor, Comms or Light sabotages they did.

Their many variables that people can have but picking a good ratio of trustworthy aspects can give you at the best a temporary member.

Below are some traits to mention…

Players doing ANIMatable tasks.

Animatable Tasks are a 100% guaranteed check on members who AREN’T Imps. Imps cannot do tasks so a task that is VISABLY shown to work can reveal if someone is LEGIT or not.

Asteroids/Guns and Scan visually show up with The Guns firing and The Scanner displaying a green mesh overlay.

Other tasks like Swiping your card can also visibly show via filling the task bar.


Whenever you head to a dangerous area/doing a task that takes time or consumes most of your vision and a Player doesn’t kill you during the start or the whole duration of the round then you can be safe to say they are legit.

However, this can be used against you for Imposters (rarely) use trust as a method but if they are patient they can use you and others as a cover before the round ends.

Most matches have at least 2 Imps, If there is 2 they can either use their Imp partner only OR they can use OTHERS like yourself to cover for them even IF their imp partner dies.

Imposter Tactics

Imposters using a varying amount of tasks and their ability to sabotarge, side with others and create situations to make others more suspicious it’s easy to say that their sly ♥ with a large set of tools to their advantage.

If you see anyone doing ANY of these methods they are a possible suspect. (Or just bad).

Danger Zones/Getaways

In Skeld their few key areas that Imps can use to lure and trap you. Most areas have doors they can shut in but Imps can also lock you in rooms with vents and do a clean kill without anyone noticing.

If someone is in one of these areas before you, run.

  • Electrical
  • Med (Not very safe but has a cam outside)
  • Security

All of these areas have one thing in common, their dead ends with one door and one vent and MOST have no cams inside or near it or have alt exits.

Methods of Attack

There several methods of attack a IMP can use, As stated above they can lock you in a dead-end room with a VENT before anyone else is there and simply rinse and repeat. However, their other methods and moments they can use to take advantage off.

Here is a few…

O2/Reactor Deprevation and Meltdown: They can set off O2 and Reactor to either move crewmates to a location and get stragglers who are alone OR seperate groups via O2 and get stragglers that way.

Lights: They can simply shut off the lights and get unsuspecting campers of the Emergancy button.

Public Enemy 1: They can get members who outwardly accuse people with no evidence, If IMPs befriended crewmates or use their IMP partner they can simply outvote them

That or they can use examples of their previous failed ejects as an excuse to out them. If this doesn’t work they simply kill this person OR they can kill whoever they accused to make them more suspicious.

Bad timing: Simply by halting others progression or shifting their sus from their fresh kill onto targets at Danger Zones they can say they vented away or were near the corpse of the DB site.

This or they can similarly blame their support on allies, failed ejects, them being alone/not present, ‘fake tasking’, etc to out them. Bonus points if people have sus on them.

Group Voting: A easy way to detect a IMP is a risky and sloppy method of Group Voting, Like the name implies 2 IMPs usually accuse someone without any evidence and try to convince the rest their ‘The Imposter’.

This is similar to Method 2 (Public Enemy 1) but with less steps and way more obvious.

Dangerzone Usage: A good way to catch IMPs is ask for the Body location and ASK for everyones LOCATIONs to see if the vent paths from the DBs to where they are CONNECTS.

An example of this if someone reports a DB at Electrical and only one person says they are in Medical or Security after the fact, It’s most likely they’re the Imposter.

A common trait with most of the methods here utilize others or self incriminating events that give them an advantage. Always going on the offensive.

It’s difficult to say whos who but a main part of their methods is leading the group away from themselves having a select few to keep safe and pinning others against each other, constantly moving against the side with the most “””sus””” etc.

be it bad timing, creating situations or simply staying shut and waiting for the right moment. It all falls down to going on the offensive and going on the popular consensus.

There too many variables to IMP strats but these are the most common methods most IMPs use in most games I seen.

How to Catch a Imposter / Defnese 101


Be in a group of 2 or 3. Do Anim tasks and Card Swipes to check them out and stick together.

This can be pinned against you but if you cover each other and one of you gets ejected via a false accusation simply return the favor and eject them out and their accomplices, 9/10 you can catch a IMP and vote them off.

Bonus points if your the remaining few, survived the round and outted the IMP.

Roll Call

If you find a DB, check the people around you and then report, If it’s a Danger Zone see if their any vents and chase to there to see if you can catch them venting out.

Report the body and ask where was everyone BEFORE accusing them. If the person you saw or the person who told their location to be in any of the OTHER Danger Zones that link to your DB site it’s most likely them.

If a player lies about being near a area, the person saying they weren’t there prior vote either one out.

False Ejects/Group Voting

If you notice that 2 or more members are voting out people with little to no evidence after a incriminating event against the Group Voters call them out for their false votes and vote them out and their accomplices.

Vote the ones who have ejected out the most innocents/have lied the most about locations or were caught in Danger Zones, Fake Tasking, etc. Keep an eye on the voters who voted for your clear friends.

(Be sure their CLEAR via Card Swipe or Anim tasks).

Relying on them JUST Group Voting isn’t enough, It’s best to get more sus via their actions prior, Get more evidence than them and get them out.

This can be used back but overall if it becomes dire you got to get at least 1 imposter.

Failed Anim Tasks

If they failed to do Scanner, Asteroid’s/Guns or Storage Garbage Chute then their for certain a Imposter.

If they avoid it entirely or kill the person who accused them they are likely to be it.

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