Among Us – The Skeld Imp Chaos Guide

I’m thinking you want to destroy The Skeld. Well, I can teach you some.

Note: These tricks that I made can’t guarantee an impostor win, I just practiced my own moves and it kinda worked.

Game Start

Okay so your an impostor and you have to kill the crew.

What you should do first is:

1. Wait for your kill cool-down and then move. If the crewmate called a meeting and say: Why aren’t you moving? Say: Sorry i was afk, – then say that you are eating…

2. I’d suggest fake the upload data task in cafeteria or anywhere. If someone is watching you uploading in admin, sabotage the comms and leave within 3 secs after uploading.

3. If you want to kill someone very early, I reckon you sabotage the lights and kill the lonely one’s first

4. If they are stacked in electrical fixing the lights, i reckon you should kill one of them if there are more than 5 people fixing the lights.

5. Always do long tasks. Doing short tasks like: O2 clean filter, Reactor Unlock mainfolds, will make you on a bad position. If you are accidentally doing a short task, sabotage the comms and leave if only someone is watching you.

6. If you are getting sussed, make sure to speak up and tell your task you just recently did or complete. This works 75% in my games. Ex.

I was doing the upload thingy in admin
I was refilling the gas in upper engine
I was starting the reactor

Note: I consider the “Start Reactor” task as a long task, because it takes at least 30-40 seconds to complete it.


You have survived until only 5 or 6 crewmates are alive.

Doing these might still save you or lead you to victory:

1. If you see the shields (bottom right of the ship) are primed or lit up, say to everyone that you primed them, they might consider you innocent and win the game.

If someone says I primed it too, say that you both are innocents, then swiftly kill that person alone.

2. Use the admin map to check which part of the ship has the least crewmate. If there are 2 or 3 people in the security room, its a good time to kill there, WHY? because they are looking at the cameras, they will not see who killed and it can cause CHAOS. You could do this by going to electrical and vent through security.

3. Gain trust by following an innocent unless no one has sussed you yet.
If the person you followed called a meeting and said that you are following him, well of course he is following you, just simply say you are protecting him or you are just going at the same direction.

Caution: If the person you followed agreed that you are protecting him, People will remember that so don’t kill that person

4. If people already sussed you from the start, (while on meeting) say that you have medscan or weapons then kill 1 so your other teammate will have a kill less (This tip is only applicable if you are playing with 2 impostors).

5. Some one sussed you again, (while on meeting) say: I did a task and the bar filled up so it can’t be me. They might let you go and continue the game. This worked 60% of my games.

6. If there are people who don’t talk, don’t kill them, Why? so they can be sussed on the meeting. Make sure you say: (colour) is not talking, shall we watch over him or just vote him out.

7. Make sure to type long sentences so people can’t sus you a bit and think that you are smart.

8. If you go through Security, Medbay, Electrical. Make sure no one sees you entering there, but first make sure they at least saw you walk with them. Once you got into a vent in one of those places, make sure its clear and the person you are killing is PROVEN innocent or just alone. Once you got a kill in there go back to the place where you vented from and fake task then like the wire task and wait for anyone to see you doing a task there then leave once some one sees you do a task.

Final Crewmates

Left with 4 or 3 crewmates? Ready to win? These might help:

1. Don’t kill sus people, just save them for the last hour. Also if the person who sussed another person gets killed you can win that by saying: He was sus of (Colour) (timestamp) he might have killed (the person who sussed the sus one). Worked 90% in my games.

2. If the kill cool-down is 30-45 secs, use the admin or security to wait for your kill to cool-down, but don’t actually use them, just stand close to it and wait for the cool-down.

3. Make sure to have an alibi when there are few people left.

4. I’m not recommending to use the vents at this round because people will roam around and try to find bodies, unless they have tasks left or your good at getting away with things.

5. (This tip is very risky but worked 40% of my games and won) If there are 4 people left make sure you spot 2 people roaming with each other. If one of them is very sus, kill his partner and accuse the sus person. Make sure you are confident like, use words that are very smart. Now once the sus person gets ejected. check the emergency cool-down, when it gets to 5 secs left, sabotage the reactor and camp the emergency button, play the time and wait for your cool-down.

6. Once they fixed the reactor, they will run to the emergency button so close the lower and upper engine doors, after that wait at least 6 seconds. Then, close the cafeteria and storage doors. Once the doors are open, kill one of them and victory!


So here are my last few tips and conclusions

  • + Sabotage lights at round start to kill lonely crewmates
  • + Kill smart ones first, don’t kill silent people.
  • + Have at least an alibi
  • + Fake task long tasks, don’t fake task short tasks
  • Sabotage comms if accidentally doing a short task.
  • + Speak up and tell you position or tasks
  • + Don’t be quiet
  • + Tell them that you did prime the shields (if only the lights are lit up)
  • + Don’t kill in the Medbay hallway and the right side of the ship’s hallways
  • + Kill crew who are proven innocents

That’s all of what I can teach you.

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