Among Us – Voice Chatting (Do’s and Don’ts)

After a few too many games spoiled by people on Comms with each other just straight up saying who the imposter who killed them are, I decided to make a quick guide on the Do’s and the Don’ts of using voice chat.


So we’ve all had an experience where we either had a few friends or maybe even a full lobby and someone blurts out “COLOUR KILLED ME” or on the opposite end, you had a near perfect game, then in the final 4 two reveal they’ve been chatting with a third who you got and that swayed the vote against you with no other evidence than they say so.

Now you can always chalk it up to good guess work, but when the game is about Mystery and Not trusting anyone, even your friends, so this may seem like a common sense guide for any game of this type but it’s handy to have a set of rules people can refer to:

The Don’ts

Doing this first because it’s easier to do:

  • DON’T say who killed you; the imposters want to have a little fun too you know, and in games with less imposters that can end the game immediately
  • DON’T use it to talk about anything you won’t say in Discussion/Voting; Knowing things the rest of the team can’t possibly know makes you look suspicious or at least keeping it from the team is usually a bad idea.
  • DON’T use it as an excuse for getting someone voted off; Even if it’s a lie, it’s a lazy reason when there could’ve been some detective work involved.
  • DON’T use it to aid people from the grave; Whether by telling what another ghost said in chat or using it to spy on suspects, ghosts should do their tasks and then watch the game unfold, not be a force only their friends can use for advantage. Dead imposters should use their newfound freedom to play to their partner’s moves anyhow (Sabotage the opposite end of the map etc) and telling their mates who their team mate just to get back to playing normally is sorta removes the mystery.

The Do’s

The do’s are a relatively simple section, so I’ll keep it brief:

  • DO feel free to discuss the game with each other; it’s good to have theories and a bit of general banter while playing, it can make the game more fun, as long as you’re not spoiling it for the rest.
  • DO use it to hammer out what you’ll type in discussion; Asking for room names etc when reporting a body is alright, it gets you on the right page so you don’t mess something up and get “Uhhhh it must be a self report”, which isn’t friendly for someone who’s just getting used to map layouts or doesn’t speak the lingo.
  • DO ask for help with tasks you can’t figure out: Some tasks are confusing when you start off, but someone has to have done it/seen it done before and saves you fumbling around trying to figure it out while Mr Imposter hovers about ready to carve you a spectacular new hole in your space suit.
  • DO have fun; I’m not going to beat you with a stick if you disagree with me, the most important part of any game is having fun while playing it.

Final Notes

I don’t want to sound like a Knob and people may not even care or find this helpful, but it’s my 2 cents in regards to voice chatting, just want the game to be enjoyable to everyone, slimy Imp or not. It’s also nice to have someone else have this typed out if you want to use it in your own private game and saves time explaining.

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