Among Us – Voting Impostors Out

Voting Impostors Out

If someone random says that Red did it, YOU. NEED. EVIDENCE.

You little swines that go off of literally anything don’t know how to properly play the game. It’s a strategy based game.

If you see Red kill Cyan, speak up. Find out if anyone else saw it. Maybe someone saw it on cams. But if Orange finds a body and Dark Green just says “Red” get some more evidence before voting Red.

I’ve been voted out countless times just because someone says “White” and everyone in the server votes me. And before you accuse, get some evidence.

If you see Lime walking through the cafeteria towards weapons, then you find Green dead in medbay, don’t immediately accuse Lime. Ask if anyone was on cams, or if anyone saw anything. Then, with actual information, make your judgement. And lastly, if someone follows you, IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE IMPOSTOR!!!

I was with Orange in weapons, my next task was Admin card, and we were both heading towards admin. He then ran to cafeteria and called an emergency meeting, blaming me for “following him”.

I tried to explain that we were both going to admin, but I got voted off immediately. So, moral of the story is, you need proper evidence before accusing someone of murder. Thank you for reading.

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