Angels with Scaly Wings – Bastion’s Breach Guide

Bastion’s Breach / Sebastian’s Breach Guide

Number of Players:

  • Two

Required Items:

  • Standard 52 card deck (no Joker cards).

Objective of the Game:

  • To obtain the most points in 13 rounds.  The player with the most points after 13 rounds is declared the winner.

Game Setup:

  1. Split the 52 card deck into its four suits.
  2. Each player picks a suit to play (this is entirely down to personal preference).
  3. Select one of the remaining suits, and shuffle it.
  4. Lay out the thirteen cards of the shuffled suit from left to right, face up – this will be known as the middle row.

How to Play:

  1. A round is played for each of the thirteen cards in the middle row.  Hence, the game has 13 rounds, starting at one end of the row, and moving across to the other end.
  2. During each round, the players must select one of the cards from their hands.
  3. Once a card is selected, place it face down next to the card in the middle row that corresponds to the round you are playing.
  4. Once both players have played their cards, flip them over to reveal them.
  5. The highest card wins the round (including the middle card), and whoever played that card wins a point (see clarifications to help determine card value).
  6. If the round ends in a tie, there is no clear winner, or the middle card is the highest card, then no point is awarded.  However, the point is carried over to the next round and is awarded as a bonus point to the winner of the subsequent round.
  7. After thirteen rounds, the player with the highest number of points is declared the winner.


  1. The card with the lowest value is 2.
  2. The card with the highest value is the king.
  3. The ace beats every face card, but loses to every number card.
  4. In the event of a string of rounds ending in a tie/with no clear winner/the middle card being the highest card, the bonus points stack and are awarded as soon as a player wins a round (e.g. both players tie on round one, then the middle card is the highest card on round two, and then player A wins round three.  Player A is therefore awarded with 3 points).
  5. A player should keep their hands hidden, so that the other player does not know which card is being selected.  You can however determine what cards a player currently has remaining in their hand, by looking at what cards they have already played.
  6. There is no tiebreak mechanic.  If you end up tying… just play another round!

AwSW Transcript:

“As you can see, each of us starts with all the cards of a given suit in their hands. You’re diamonds and I’ll be hearts.

What you see in the center is the middle row, which is a line of shuffled cards from another suit.

This way, each game is going to be unique since the middle row always changes between games.

Now, this is how the game works: we will play a round for each card in the middle row, starting with the one you see at the very left.

During each round, we both decide which card to play and put it there face down – like this.

Once we have both played a card, we flip them over. The highest card wins the round, and whoever played it gets a point.

To clarify, 2 is the lowest card and the king is the highest. The ace is a special card – it beats every face card, but will lose against any number card.

Now, the card from the middle row also counts, so it’s possible that neither of us will get the point for a round.

If there is a tie, no clear winner between the three cards, or the middle row has the highest card, no player will get a point for that round. However, the next round will give the winner an extra point to make up for it.

At the end, the player with the most number of points wins the game.

So, this game is all about bluffing and mind games. We can always see what cards have been played, so each of us knows exactly what the other player has left.”

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