Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Enter the Fishing Tournament

How to Enter the Fishing Tournament

On the day of the fishing tourney, talk to C.J. to learn all about how the fishing tournament works. Unlike previous Animal Crossing games that involved trying to find rare or specific fish, this tournament is all about quantity.

You will have 3 minutes to catch as many fish as possible, and will get 1 point for each fish caught – with an additional bonus of 2 points if you’ve caught 3 or more fish in that time. Your cumulative total of points can be exchanged at any time with C.J., who will give out a random item, clothing, or wallpaper/rug in exchange for 10 points.

You can repeat this event as many times as you like during the time of the tournament. The initial entry fee is free on your first attempt, and all other attempts will cost 500 Bells.

All fish you catch will automatically be transported to C.J.’s cooler once caught, and you can then choose to sell them directly from the cooler to C.J. at 1.5x their normal sell value, or you can choose to grab any fish if you wish to keep them for yourself – but you cannot begin a new attempt until the cooler has been cleared.

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