Aperture Desk Job – How to Noclip / Open Console

How to Open Console

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right click to “Aperture Desk Job”
  3. In context menu, select “Properties”
  4. In “Launch options” enter – “-console -vconsole” without quotes
  5. Launch game via Steam
  6. Open local game files
  7. Navigate to “game\bin\win64” and then open “vconsole2.exe”

How to Noclip

  • Enter sv_cheats 1 – to enable cheats
  • and then bind
  • bind w +forward
  • bind a +moveleft
  • bind d +moveright
  • bind s +back
  • bind n noclip
  • Then change your noclip speed
  • “sv_noclipspeed 5” for example
  • And press “N”
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