Apex Legends – All Weapon Stats

Weapons are an essential part of apex legends, oddly enough punching everything that you see is less than ideal and the wide range of guns on offer will help take you to victory! They are not all made equally however, some are more useful than others.

All Weapon Stats

All weapon stats at a glance are available below.

Weapons are listed below by ammo type in the order they appear in the firing range. This list will include Sheila since it functions as a gun. Heirlooms do not affect melee damage so they are not included.

Ammo rarity is Light & Heavy>Shotgun & Energy>Sniper>Heirloom (care pack only).

Weapons also have types of optic frame:

  • Short (1x and 2x)
  • Medium (1x, 2x, 3x and 4x)
  • Long (Any scope from 1x through to 10x)
  • Kraber (Only 6x and 10x)
  • Care package short (1x)
  • Care package Midrange (2x)
  • Care package Long-range (4x and 10x)

Weapons rated: S>A>B>C>D>E.

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