Apex Legends – Arena for Beginners and Noobs

A fairly detailed description of the game in the arena, namely: procurement, tactics and basics of the game.


In the arena, it is not so much the chosen character that is important, as the ability to shoot and exchange hp competently. It is difficult to identify some of the best characters for the arena, but scouts who are able to determine the location of enemies, namely Bloodhound and Seer, will be good on any map. Of the tanks, Gibraltar will be the best choice because of its passivity, which retains a lot of HP. Of the attack characters, Bangalore, Rafe and Octane will be quite good for a beginner. Thanks to the passive Bangalore, it will be possible to quickly retreat, its tactical skill can be combined with a weapon, on which the legendary 1x sight is placed, allowing you to see enemies in smoke.

Octane passively restores HP, and thanks to tactical skill, it will be possible to quickly take up / change position or pick up materials for the team. Rafe has a small model, which makes it a little harder to hit her, her tactical skill will allow you to quickly retreat to your allies without taking damage. The ulta of most legends in arenas is practically useless, because it costs a lot and is restored for a couple of rounds, you can ignore it for the first time.

Procurement Stage

It is important to choose a comfortable weapon for yourself, and this naturally requires practice. But from myself I can recommend a kind of “Standard set of purchases”.

For the 1st round, we buy RE-45 for all resources.As a second weapon, we take either P2020 or Mozambique, we do not improve the second weapon.

For the 2nd round, we buy the most improved RE-45. The second weapon is P2020 or Mozambique, the second weapon is not pumped. If there are enough materials, you can buy a first aid kit and shields. If there is enough for one thing, then we give preference to shields, because many use weapons with flailing ammunition, so it is important that the shields are loaded.

Round 3. First of all, we buy 1 shield battery so that we have 2 of them (1 is given at the beginning of round 3) and 1 first aid kit. Based on the remaining funds, we buy either the R-301, upgraded to rare parts as the 1st weapon, we take either the P2020 or Mozambique as the second weapon, but buying the P2020, we also get additional cartridges for the R-301, because we will shoot in the vast majority of cases only from it. If there is not enough on the R-301 with rare ones, it is better to buy a RE-45, pumped to full, a second weapon of your choice.

If materials remain, you can buy a grenade (preference should be given to an incendiary or arc star), or another use of tactical skill, but this is not necessary.

Round 4. We buy the most pumped R-301, as a second weapon we take the P2020 for the sake of cartridges for the R-301. You must have at least 2 shield batteries and at least 1 first aid kit. If materials remain, you can buy grenades or use a tactical skill.

After the 4th round, we purchase as standard. R-301, at least 2 shield batteries, first aid kit and a second weapon of your choice.

Combat Tactics

We always run to the area with the container that is in the zone! There we take a position and exchange hp.Until the last we will not rush.

The purchase of the above type is necessary for us to fight, profitably exchanging our own HP As accurately as possible, as soon as our shields are broken, we go into hiding and recharge, we exchange health only when there are no shields left. We are firing at medium range, if necessary, in the early stages you can engage in close combat, because the RE-45 is very rapid-fire and will quickly knock the enemy. As soon as we get the R-301, we are fighting at medium-long range, if you take the P2020 with the second weapon, then there will be no problems with cartridges, no matter how much you shoot. If there is time and opportunity, you can run for supplies and swap the P2020 for another weapon.

During close combat, we use R-301 and get as close as possible to the enemy, in which case we finish off with P2020, if we run out of ammo there, and the enemy has little health, we are not afraid to go into hand-to-hand combat.

Places on Maps

  1. The “Phase runner” map.

We go to the zone, take the positions marked with crosses. If we jumped into a phase transition, we are treated by hiding behind boxes. If we are “at the bottom” of the map, we go to the places marked with green arrows to be treated.

Be sure to pick up the materials on your side. If we are “from the bottom of the map”, then we loot the container, even at the risk of losing shields, because in the case of a protracted battle, it will be much easier for you to exchange, because there will be no shortage of shields.

If we are “at the top” of the map, then we loot the container only if we are covered by allies.

  1. The “Dropp-off” card.

We always run to the zone, if the opposing team is opposite, then we can cover up the container under the cover of teammates.If it’s too risky, then we just exchange, don’t rush. If there are no opponents in front of us, then we loot the box, then the resources closest to us, then we engage in a shootout at medium-long range.The zone is on our side, so the opponents will be forced to approach themselves and be exposed to shots.

On this map, Fuse is very good because of his tactical skill and Caustic, which can put barrels next to doors.

  1. The “Habitat 4″map.

We run into the zone, occupy the specified positions and exchange HP if we see that the enemy is losing – together with our allies, we rush.If the enemy is not in the zone, we are hanging out, shooting from afar and waiting for them to approach.

The second option of the zone. We try to pick up materials, if possible, we loot a box with resources. We look carefully so that we are not bypassed.

  1. The “Overflow” map.

We take the positions marked with crosses. We try to remove as much HP as possible from the opposing team at the beginning of the round. We try to pick up materials and, if possible, loot the container. We make sure that we are not bypassed and stay close to our allies.

On this map, the zone has almost no effect. We stay close to our allies, we don’t rush alone.

  1. The “Party Crasher” map.

We run to the specified position. At the place marked with a yellow dot, we shoot at the opponents running to the materials. Then we occupy the area marked with a red cross. With such a zone, we try to be the first to take materials. If possible, we loot the box.

If the zone is in another place, we take the specified position and exchange fire. As soon as we lose our shields, we immediately hide and recharge them. We hold the top, we don’t go down, we don’t run for materials and a box. We make sure that we are not bypassed. Grenades will help on this map, especially the arc star and incendiary. The tactical skill of the Fuse will also come in handy.


Try to take positions in the zone, stay closer to your allies and effectively exchange hp. Have a good game in the arenas, more victories and adequate teammates!

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