Apex Legends – Caustic Basics

Basics for using Caustic.

Caustic Guide


Caustic is a very versatile character, good with both offence and defence, however there are areas he lacks in, such as escape potential and the size of his hit box.


Caustic is mainly portrayed as being a very defensive character, and you should know hoe to make the most out of that. First of, his tactical ability, should be used sparingly, with gas traps being placed in strategical positions such as in front of single or double doors so that people cannot get in from the outside, or around corners and out of site of the enemy so that they are caught by surprise. However the latter option is not as useful as recently caustic has received a nerf meaning that he his gas only deals 5 dps therefore enemies are less reluctant to charge straight into his gas.

Caustics gas is very useful however, as a smoke screen, with it being hard to see through you can quickly revive teammates with your gas providing cover and blocking enemy vision.

Offensive Playstyle

Caustic is a character centred around defence however that does not mean that he cannot be played aggressively too. His “fortified” perk means that he receives less damage from shots fired at him and means that he is not slowed down by bullets which is very useful as this means that he is able to manoeuvre around in fights a lot easier than other legends such as wraith or pathfinder.

Caustic is also the perfect counter for an enemy caustic, with him not being effected by enemy gas, he can easily push through it. Caustics ultimate ability should also be used mainly when attacking other teams as it can throw them off when they focus on getting out of the gas, instead of firing at you. The ability should be used in areas such as buildings where players have limited exits and are therefore exposed to his ultimate for longer, maximising its potential.

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