Apex Legends – Heirlooms Guide / What Is It and How to Get

You must have already seen people in the game with a Kunai or Hatchet in their hands. What is it? Let’s figure it out now.

What Are the Heirlooms?

Heirloom – is an item that replaces your fists in close combat. It is a skin and does not give any additional damage or abilities to its owner.

It has a completely different attack animation and has several long animations when looking at it.

How to Get Heirlooms?

There are two ways:

The First Way

The chance of dropping heirloom shards from a container is 0.2%, i.e. one in five hundred boxes. But don’t worry, even though the menu says that you need 150 shards, you will immediately be given them all upon a successful drop – fifty on each of the three platforms.

In the game, you can reach the maximum level of five hundred, after which the containers will not be given (but u still will be able to get metal to buy characters and recolors). BUT! After, (about) twenty levels, you will no longer be given a container EVERY level and will be given boxes AFTER one level.

It follows that each player has a slightly more than 50% chance to knock out a relic for free, not counting the battle pass. The free battle pass also drops boxes, but not too many. So, it is possible to get one relic without donation, but it is quite difficult. Rely on a lucky-old lady or throw money to the monitor. What did you expect from EA games? : D

The Second Way

The second method is not always available and is not related to obtaining shards, but to obtaining a specific relic. Each season, the developers present a new relic and dedicate an entire event to it. At this point, they also add a bunch of event skins. So, if you buy all of them, then you will receive this relic for FREE . True, there is one thing … The price of all skins in total can reach $ 200, so .. Uh-uh -…

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