Apex Legends – Launch Options 2020

A list of Launch options for Season 7 of Apex Legends!


A List of all (known) launch options and whether they work / are supported in the current version of Apex Legends (Season 7 – v3.02.267).

Keep in mind to disable any launch options that you suspect might cause an issue, a crash or performance problems and not to copy paste recommended launch options you find on a website. In many cases they do not fit your system specifically.


  • -full / -fullscreen – will launch the game in fullscreen mode regardless of settings.
  • -window / -windowed – will launch the game in windowed mode regardless of settings.
  • +cl_showfps 4 – show FPS in-game (obsolete).
  • +cl_showpos 1 – show Name, Position, Angle and Velocity in-game.
  • +fps_max (Number) – Limit FPS to given number, set to “1” to set the fps to the monitor’s refresh rate and set to “0” for unlimited.
  • -high – Sets the game thread priority to high. Could lead to a performance increase but also system instability. use with caution.
  • -dev – disables the intro animation but has been known to cause issues and crashes in the past, disable this if you encounter problems.

Not Supported / Do Nothing

  • -novid – Is supposed to disable the game loading intro, does nothing instead.
  • -threads (number) – Determines the number of threads (not cores) to allocate for the thread pool – Does nothing and is left for the game engine to decide.
  • -freq / -refresh (number) – This option is managed by the refresh rate selected in windows.
  • -console – The developer console is disabled in public builds of Apex and can’t be accessed.

Not Confirmed To Work

  • -forcenovsync – This option should be managed by the game settings.
  • -dxlevel – Determines the DirectX API version used for rendering. Seems to do nothing.
  • -preload / -cl_forcepreload – Enables preloading of textures at game start, appears to do nothing, as preloading is handled by the game.

Meme Tier

Why would you use this?

  • -w/-width (number) – Sets the desired width of the resolution. Crashes on startup if an unsupported resolution is entered unless playing in windowed mode.
  • -h/-height (number) – Sets the desired height of the resolution. Crashes on startup if an unsupported resolution is entered unless playing in windowed mode.
  • -nosound – Does as it says by disabling all sound. I don’t know why you would do this but it does work.
  • -nomouse – Disables mouse support but only during gameplay, navigating the game still works.
  • -noip – Use this if you want to not play the game, disables the game binding to an IP and disables multiplayer support.
  • -noborder – Disables the game border around the window in windowed mode. Just use borderless windowed instead of this.
  • -low – Sets the game priority to low and causes performance issues and system instability very fun!

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