Apex Legends – Launch Options Guide

A list of Launch options for Season 7 of Apex Legends!


A List of all (known) launch options and whether they work / are supported in the current version of Apex Legends (Season 7 – v3.02.267).

Keep in mind to disable any launch options that you suspect might cause an issue, a crash or performance problems and not to copy paste recommended launch options you find on a website. In many cases they do not fit your system specifically.


  • -full / -fullscreen – will launch the game in fullscreen mode regardless of settings.
  • -window / -windowed – will launch the game in windowed mode regardless of settings.
  • +cl_showfps 4 – show FPS in-game (obsolete).
  • +cl_showpos 1 – show Name, Position, Angle and Velocity in-game.
  • +fps_max (Number) – Limit FPS to given number, set to “1” to set the fps to the monitor’s refresh rate and set to “0” for unlimited.
  • -high – Sets the game thread priority to high. Could lead to a performance increase but also system instability. use with caution.
  • -dev – disables the intro animation but has been known to cause issues and crashes in the past, disable this if you encounter problems.

Not Supported / Do Nothing

  • -novid – Is supposed to disable the game loading intro, does nothing instead.
  • -threads (number) – Determines the number of threads (not cores) to allocate for the thread pool – Does nothing and is left for the game engine to decide.
  • -freq / -refresh (number) – This option is managed by the refresh rate selected in windows.
  • -console – The developer console is disabled in public builds of Apex and can’t be accessed.

Not Confirmed To Work

  • -forcenovsync – This option should be managed by the game settings.
  • -dxlevel – Determines the DirectX API version used for rendering. Seems to do nothing.
  • -preload / -cl_forcepreload – Enables preloading of textures at game start, appears to do nothing, as preloading is handled by the game.

Meme Tier

Why would you use this?

  • -w/-width (number) – Sets the desired width of the resolution. Crashes on startup if an unsupported resolution is entered unless playing in windowed mode.
  • -h/-height (number) – Sets the desired height of the resolution. Crashes on startup if an unsupported resolution is entered unless playing in windowed mode.
  • -nosound – Does as it says by disabling all sound. I don’t know why you would do this but it does work.
  • -nomouse – Disables mouse support but only during gameplay, navigating the game still works.
  • -noip – Use this if you want to not play the game, disables the game binding to an IP and disables multiplayer support.
  • -noborder – Disables the game border around the window in windowed mode. Just use borderless windowed instead of this.
  • -low – Sets the game priority to low and causes performance issues and system instability very fun!
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  1. I use low priority actually. It stops Apex from stealing CPU cycles from my mouse. Being that my processor is so weak, Apex maxes it out and fights with my mouse for it. On normal or high, my mouse input stutters with moments of non-movement, which have the effect of drastically lowering my sensitivity in load-heavy moments (fire-fights!).

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