Apex Legends – Loading and Compiling Shaders Fix

Loading and Compiling Shaders Fix

If you are stuck on this every time you launch your game, try this:

  1. Set Shader Cache in your NVIDIA Control Panel for Apex Legends to On
  2. Restart your PC, after that when you launch your game, it should do the “Loading and Compiling Shaders”, let it finish, then restart your game.

Done! Now it shouldn’t do that each time you launch Apex Legends and make you wait. This is what I did and it worked for me on a 2080

Extra: In case you haven’t already, put in -dev -novid in the launch options for an even quicker start!

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  1. Bruh thanks for the assist. The fucken Reddit post that everyone’s shoving their heads up in is incomplete.

    The apex specific setting worked perfectly for me.

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