Apex Legends Mobile – Find Missing Syndicate Gold and More

If you can’t find your Syndicate Gold in Apex Legends Mobile or you’re looking for your Limited Regional Launch bonus, try these steps to find them.

How to Restore Purchases

How do I restore purchases from the Limited Regional Launch?

If you bought any content during the Limited Regional Launch, it will be converted to Syndicate Gold with a 25% bonus.

Here is how you can claim it:

  1. Launch the game and log back into the same account you used for the Limited Regional Launch.
  2. Tap the Events tab.
  3. A pop-up will appear listing your Total WWL Credit Amount.
  4. Tap Receive to collect your Syndicate Gold.

How do I restore purchases on a new device?

If you get a new device or redownload the app, you’ll want to sign in with the same mobile info you previously used. This will also restore all your progress and purchases.

If you get a new device, it’ll need to be the same type as your previous one. For example, you can’t transfer your account info from an iPhone to Android, but if you go from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 11, that will transfer.

Missing Syndicate Gold

  1. Confirm your purchase is processing in your bank account.
  2. Quit out of the game completely then reload it.
  3. Go to @EAHelp and @PlayApexMobile on Twitter to see if we’ve tweeted about any issues. If there are, your transaction may not have gone through or the item may not appear until the issue is fixed.
  4. Collect your proof of purchase for the missing Syndicate Gold. Without this, we can’t help you.
  5. Contact devs.

Where to Find Your Rewards

After opening Packs, anything you earn will be immediately available. Any time you get new content, there will be a red marker on that menu item telling you where to find it.

Depending on the type of item, you will be able to see it in a few places.

  • Weapon skins: Tap Loadout on the main menu and go to each weapon section.
  • Character skins, banners, and trackers: Tap Legends on the main menu and go to each related section.
  • Other items: Tap More on the main menu to go to the Account Warehouse.
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