Apex Legends Mobile – How to Play (Beginners Guide)

Learn how to play Apex Legends Mobile, level up your Legend, earn Syndicate Packs, and more.

What Are The Apex Legends Mobile Modes?

There are three main modes in Apex Legends Mobile, plus various limited-time modes.

  • Battle Royale
    • Available at Level 1.
    • The core Apex Legends experience. Group up in teams of two or three and compete against 19 other teams. The last team standing wins.
  • Team Deathmatch
    • Available at Level 5.
    • A free-for-all mode where you and your team battle to be the first one with 50 kills.
  • Arenas
    • Available at Level 10.
    • A head-to-head mode that puts you and your two other squadmates in a best two out of three match against another team.

How to Unlock Legends

You can unlock Legends in two ways:

  • Go to the Legends tab and use Legends fragments to unlock a Legend.
  • Earn new Legends as you level up your account. Not all Legends can be earned this way, and you can always check this under the Perks Path.

How to Level Up Legends

To level up your Legend, play as them in-game to earn Legend XP. Each Legend can reach up to Level 30, and this is separate from your account level.

How to Unlock Perks

Each Legend will earn their own separate Legend XP. As you level up, you can earn Passive, Tactical, and Finisher Perks. There will be three types of each per Legend, with nine total Perks available.

  1. Go to the Legends tab.
  2. Select the Legend you want to unlock a Perk with and tap Details.
  3. Tap the icon under Perks to add or change a Perk.
  4. Tap the Perk you want to unlock, then tap Unlock.
  5. Review the Perk and tap Confirm.

Currencies in Apex Legends Mobile

There are three main currencies in Apex Legends Mobile that may be familiar to you if you already play Apex Legends on PC or console.

  • Flux
    • Pulled from Syndicate Packs and earned through level progression and Battle Pass.
    • Used to craft skins that you want.
  • Legend Fragments
    • Earned through competing in matches.
    • Used to buy Legends.
  • Syndicate Gold
    • Purchased using real-world money.
    • Used to buy Syndicate Packs, Legends, weapon skins, and character poses.

There are also the following currencies:

  • Seasonal Currency
    • Earned through competing in matches.
    • Used to buy content such as skins, weapon charms, and more in the Store.
    • Expires at the end of each Season.
  • Lucky Draw Pull
    • Earned from Events and Battle Pass progress.
    • You can redeem one free Lucky Draw Pull.
  • Club Currency
    • Earned by completing Club tasks.
    • Used to buy Club items in the Club Store.

How to Earn Syndicate Packs

Cosmetic Syndicate Packs are randomized in-game containers filled with three cosmetic items or crafting currencies. There are a few different ways you can find these.

Leveling Up Your Account

As you level up your account, you earn free Packs. You’ll start off earning one Pack per level, but as you progress this will change. To claim a level reward, go to Level Rewards on the main menu and tap on the level to claim your Pack.

  • Level 1-50: One Pack per level
  • Level 51-300: One Pack every two levels
  • Level 301-500: One Pack every five levels

You’ll also earn 100 Flux every time you level up.

Purchasing Syndicate Packs

You can buy Syndicate Packs by using Syndicate Gold in the Store.

  1. Go to the Store.
  2. Tap Syndicate Packs.
  3. Choose either one or 10 Packs.
  4. Tap Purchase.

Earning Packs through Battle Pass

Each Season there is a new Battle Pass system. You can unlock free items and Packs every Season through normal play, or you can buy a Premium Pass to earn more exclusive rewards.

Completing Events and Missions

You can earn Packs by going to the Events tab of the game, where you’ll see Missions and Events to complete. After you complete them, tap Claim.

What about Duplicates?

The game recognizes what items you already have, so you can’t get duplicates. Instead, it’ll grant you a certain amount of Flux based on the rarity of the item.

How to Customize Your Legend and Weapons

To Customize Your Legend

  1. Tap the Legends button on the main menu.
  2. Tap on the Legend you want to customize and tap Details.
  3. Tap the content you want to customize on the right-hand side.
  4. Tap the new content you want to use and tap Equip.

To Customize Your Weapons

  1. Tap the Loadout button on the main menu.
  2. Tap on the weapon you want to customize.
  3. Tap Skins.
  4. Tap the new skin you want to use and tap Equip.

You can also tap the Attachment section on the main weapon page of each item to see how different attachments impact your stats.

What’s Different About Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile has many of the same core features as Apex Legends, but also offers unique Events, Legends, modes, and more.

Here are a few other key differences:

  • The Seasons are separate and follow a different schedule than Apex Legends.
  • You can level up Legends by earning XP for that Legend.
  • Some Legends become available as you level up your account.

Like Apex Legends, each Season will bring updates, Events, and more, so that the mobile experience is always evolving and growing.

Is there Cross-play for Apex Legends Mobile?

There isn’t cross-play or cross-progression between the mobile game and the PC/console game.

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