Apex Legends – Training Routine (How to Improve Your Aim)

Tips & training guide to improve your aim in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Tips

Note: Credit goes to PentaGenji

1) There is no trick better than practice, practice and practice. Not only does frequent practice trains your muscle memory but it also improves your reaction speed

2) Train your flicking on both sides to have equal flicks as being left handed, or right handed can shift the balance of your flicking, hence aim accuracy.

3) To acquire targets as quickly as possible, start practicing on random targets from various angles. Practice your aim slowly first to nail precision then speed will follow.

4) Hand-eye coordination has its own time lag. With Apex Legends quick TTK, it’s important to speed up your hand-eye coordination to the point that you’re not really thinking about shooting, you just aim, shoot and conquer in no time.

5) This tip is very important for improving your aim on PC for Apex Legends, train holding and moving your mouse as swiftly and smoothly as possible for best crosshair placement on moving targets. Practice keeping your crosshair at head height all the time. Instead of running while you’re shooting, practice sprinting, then standing still for a quick second to shoot.

How to Get Better at Apex Legends With 3D Aim Trainer

A high time to kill means that your opponent will take a decent amount of time to go down. Therefore, the focus of your training should gravitate towards tracking, as this type of training is all about keeping your crosshair on the target which is exactly what aiming is about when it comes to Apex Legends for PC.

To translate this into Apex Legends training at our Academy:

  • (x5) Smooth Operator
  • Lvl 1-2 = + 75% Acc
  • Lvl 3-4 = +70 Acc
  • Lvl 5-6 = +55%
  • Lvl 7-8 = + 60%
  • Lvl 9 = +45%
  • (x5) Eagle’s Nest Horizontal
  • Lvl 1-4 = +60% Acc
  • Lvl 4–7 = +50% Acc
  • Lvl 8–9 = +35%
  • (x3) Eagle’s Nest Vertical
  • Lvl 1-4 = +60% Acc
  • Lvl 4–7 = +50% Acc
  • Lvl 8–9 = +35%
  • (x3) Bounceball Target Switching
  • Lvl 1-2 = +115000
  • Lvl 3–6 = +105000
  • Lvl 7 = +100000
  • Lvl 8 = +105000
  • Lvl 9 = +90000
  • (x1) Smooth Operator
  • (x1) Eagle’s Nest Horizontal
  • (x1) Bounceball Target Switching

When it comes to routines there is one golden rule our users need to follow in order to really improve their aim and benefit from the service we provide.

It’s better to train every day for a half hour than once a week for 3 hours.

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