ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Kill a Diplodocus Early Game

This guide will show you how to kill a Diplodocus as early in the game as possible.

Step #1 – Find a Diplodocus

Diplodocus are common around grasslands in the south, east, and west sides of the map. You’ll have a hard time finding them up north.

Step #2 – Craft two bows

To kill this beast you will need some serious weaponry. Early game though, you only have access to so much, which is why I recommend crafting two bows. They’re one of the strongest and most durable weapons early game, but for a beast like this, it’s necessary to craft more than one if you want to kill it. The bow is unlocked at level 10, and it costs 15 wood(gathered from trees) and 50 fiber(gathered from bushes) to make one.

Step #3 – Craft a LOT of arrows

Arrows are unlocked at the same level as the bow, and you’ll need to make A LOT of them. Each arrow needs 1 flint, 2 thatch, and 2 fiber to make. I would recommend crafting 100 or so arrows, just incase the Diplodocus you found is a higher level than what you expected.

Step #4 – Kill the Diplodocus you found

This step is obvious, but I’ll explain it anyways. The way I killed it is by shooting it while backing up. I repeated shooting it until it was dead, and one of my bows broke along the way. Luckily I had a spare, so I was good to go(but then I ran out of arrows and had to craft more). It might take a while, but soon enough you’ll have your result: a dead Diplodocus.

Step #5 (Optional) – Harvest the Diplodocus

After killing the Diplodocus, you should see a noticeable spike in your XP, especially if you did this right after reaching the level needed to unlock the bow and arrow. Now what you can do is harvest it with a pickaxe/axe, and maybe you might get some prime meat, too.

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