Arma 3 – How to Have a Glowing Decal on the Ground

This is how to place a decal object on the ground. And to have it glowing in the dark. This would be very useful indeed.

Placing a Decal on the Ground

Place the 10 meter user texture object on the ground.

This is what we use to have a number on the ground.

Then use these as the textures. These are the numbers used on the sides of the military towers.

  • \a3\structures_f\mil\cargo\data\Cargo_Tower_v1_no1_ca.paa
  • \a3\structures_f\mil\cargo\data\Cargo_Tower_v1_no2_ca.paa
  • \a3\structures_f\mil\cargo\data\Cargo_Tower_v1_no3_ca.paa
  • \a3\structures_f\mil\cargo\data\Cargo_Tower_v1_no4_ca.paa

Then use this material texture in the texture field. This is a an emmissive texture, this will make the numbers glow in the dark.

  • \A3\Structures_F_Bootcamp\VR\Helpers\Data\VR_3DSelector_01_incomplete_emissive.rvmat

This is a very neat trick, you can number your helipads and have them visible at night.

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