Arma 3 – Refuel, Rearm, Repair Under ACE 3 Mod

Mod: Ace 3 – 100 % Realism!


Simply standing next to it, or selecting it in the menu was once.

This is the right way to do it.

  1. Refueling possible at the gas station, tanker truck, or the fuel containers. Move near them.
  2. View container or vehicle via the key combination select the Ace command, take hose.
  3. If the hose is long enough and it is connected, the refueling process starts.
  4. You can check how much fuel is left and how much has been refueled.
  5. Disconnect the hose when refueling is finished and return it.
  6. Finished.


Same game.

  1. Near the container. This is about vehicle! Ammunition.
  2. As specified in the settings, the whole vehicle is supplied or only certain magazines. You can also specify whether the ammunition is limited. Here Ace gives us a free hand. For me, however, there is only caliber-based equipment. And a limit of ammunition that the supply has. I have never seen 40 tank grenades loaded into a tank in 20 seconds. This is probably because certain people are simply too lazy to arm a vehicle REAL.
  3. Ready when you no longer see the vehicle in the ace menu = vehicle full


Now it gets interesting. For this you need trained personnel, a toolkit, a repair cart, and last but not least the crème de la crème, a repair station (workshop)

  1. It depends again on what you have set. I am now assuming 100% realism. Our vehicle is almost scrap.
  2. Field repairs, so small stuff I can do as an engineer with training. With the workshop truck I can do more thanks to better tools, and in the workshop the car looks like new.
  3. Again everything works via the Ace menu. Each area must be “viewed”. An overview as about us, there is not. We see only the info about the familiar window of arma, and externally.
  4. Where you were the vehicle is either completely or half repaired.

Ace 3 gives us a free hand whether we want 100% or only 80%. I always go to Settings > Game > Mod Settings first. There you have all the points, field rations – do I have to eat ?, ammo – unlimited and so on, and there I set everything the way I want it.

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