Arma 3 – Sniper Cheat Sheet

Here are few charts that could help hit your targets more easily and more accurately.

Elevation / Range


  • BLUE = Close range (under 300 meters)
  • GREEN = Normal range (350-1800 meters)
  • YELLOW = Long range (1850-2600 meters) (Vanilla longest range is 2600 meters)
  • RED = Very long range (2650-3000 meters)

How to Use:

  1. Range the target (Rangefinder or mildots) and get the distance in meters
  2. Check the target range from the chart (Middle)
  3. Check the value to the right or the left according to the elevation to the target
  4. You may need to to divide two values to get a closer reading (For example, your target is 821 meters away. elevation is about 5 and you only have values for ranges 800 meters and 850 meters. You can get the average of two sums with adding 808 meters and 858.5 meters together and dividing the answer by two. You should get 833.25 meters. It is not perfect, but you should be able to hit a the torso with that accuracy. The further away the target is, the more drastic this difference is.)
  5. Set your distance for 800 and aim 3/5 mildot up to compensate for the additional 33 meters to the target. You should be able to hit the target the size of a small dinner plate.
  6. One mildot is 50 meters
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